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Jack Tweed Fights Booze By Opening A Bar

7674228JACK Tweed is in conversation with the 3am girls, the Daily Mirror’s harpies.

The story so far: having pledged his undying love to Jade Goody, Tweed has been spending the time waiting to once more be in her arms by shagging and drinking and clubbing and kebabing – generally behaving like,well, Jade.

But Jack puts it all down to too much alcohol.

Don’t blame them. You’d need a few stiff ones before you got into a clinch with Our Jack. But it’s not just the ladies who are taking Crotch Courage.

As we put a comforting arm around him, Jack confessed: “It was stupid and I regret it. I need help before my drinking gets out of control. I turn to alcohol to hide the pain of losing Jade.

“When you drink you forget about the pain. I think about Jade non-stop…”

Thinks? He thinks? He thinks all the time. He was thinking about Jade as she climbed aboard Lisa O’Connor? What was he thinking – “I wish Jade had had an arse like yours”?

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