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South Africa Moves To Ban Porn, Jacob Zuma’s Four Sexy Young Wives Agree

SOUTH Africa is making noises about banning porn. The BBC hears Malusi Gigaba, South Africa’s deputy minister of home affairs, talking about porn. Gigaba works for Jacob Zuma. More on him to come:

“Cars are already provided with brakes and seatbelts,” the BBC report Gigaba saying. “There is no reason why the internet should be provided without the necessary restrictive mechanisms built into it.”

Sex! As the Daily Mail’s website: “Jacob Zuma is a sex-obsessed bigot with four wives and 35 children. So why is Britain fawning over this vile buffoon?”


There is pornography on Jacob Zuma’s computer and he doesn’t know what to do about it.


Jacob Zuma ‘fathers 20th child with friend’s daughter’

More power to your elbow, Jake…

Posted: 28th, May 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment