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L’escroc Chirac found guilty: who’s next?

L’ESCROC Chirac is guilty. In what isn’t the most surprising news of the day, L’escroc himself has been found guilty in a Paris courtroom.

L’escroc, which means “crook” or “swindler” in French,s what people have been calling the ex-President of France, Jacques Chirac, for years. Quite rightly too as it turns out:

The 79-year-old statesman, who was excused from court on medical grounds, was found guilty of influence peddling, breach of trust and embezzlement between 1990 and 1995, when he was mayor of the French capital.

In their ruling, judges said Chirac’s behaviour had cost Paris taxpayers the equivalent of 1.4 million euros ($1.8 million).

“Jacques Chirac breached the duty of trust that weighs on public officials charged with caring for public funds or property, in contempt of the general interest of Parisians,” the ruling said.

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Barack Obama Salutes President Chirac Of France

HAVING given Gordon Brown a congressional DVD library of unwatchable films, and smoked a pipe of peace for North Korea’s Mr KimPresident Obama writes minute-man Jacques Chirac saying that he is looking forward to working with the former French president in the coming four years(?)

And why? Gateway Pundit knows:

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