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Jade Goody Presents Pride Of Heaven Awards

1655741JADE Goody would be so proud” states the Daily Mirror’s front-page headline.

Jeff Brazier, Jade Goody’s old sparring partner, tells Mirror readers that Jade’s boys talks to her in heaven “and what he real thinks of Jack”.

We too are proud of Jeff for telling us how proud Jade is. They are the winners of Anorak’s first Pride of Heaven awards.

Jade Goody’s two young sons look up to the sky and ask: “Daddy, has Mummy’s hair grown back in Heaven?”

Dad Jeff Brazier hugs Bobby, six, and four-year-old Freddy tight, and smiling says: “‘Yes, Mummy’s got her hair back, she’s looking her best, wearing the lovely clothes she used to and she’s happy and joking a lot’.

“Whether it’s right or wrong, that’s what I tell them,” says Jeff.

Jackiey Budden, the Jade Goody Mum, could always ask Jade what she’s wearing at the next televised séance.

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