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James Keene: The Only Englishman Playing Champions League and Europa League Football Overseas

james keeneHOW many English footballers representing non-British clubs have played in the group stages of this season’s Champions League and Europa League? In all, 37 English players have played a part in those matches.

To give you a few clues: 106 Brazilians have played in the two tournaments this season; 52 Spanish players have played for non-Spanish clubs; and 45 French players for non-French clubs. So. How many English players made the move to experience life and football overseas? And, no, Scotland is not abroad, so Celtic’s Fraser Forster doesn’t count. Same with Swansea City, which means its contingent of four English players is barred.

The answer is…one.

He’s James Keene, a 27-year-old with Sweden’s Elfsborg.

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Posted: 3rd, November 2013 | In: Sports | Comment