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In photos – Television and Radio Industries Club awards 2012

TUESDAY. The Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London, for the Television and Radio Industries Club awards. Past presidents of these prestigious awards (it says here) are: Charlie Dimmock, Ainsley Harriott and Spandau Ballet front man Tony Hadley. This year’s president is Eamonn Holmes. For such a starry luncheon, a stella cast: Kerry Katona, Mark Wright, Sam Faiers, Joey Essex, Nicola McLean, Sam Aston, Dane Bowers, Nancy Dell’Olio, Georgia May Foote, Amy Childs, Peter Andre, Andrea McLean, Janet Street-Porter, and Sherrie Hewson. Which one will be voted Weather Presenter of the Year? And why arene’t any of them working?


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Amy Childs and Peter Andre arriving for the Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) Awards, at Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, central London.


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Independent’s Katy Guest Is Beyond Parody

beyond-parodKATY Guest is writing in the Independent about Katie Price and how awful she is. And writing about Barack Obama (& me), and how terrific he is. And writing about Big Brother and how dreadful it is. And somehow the whole thing just tells us all we need to know about the writer.

Guest is standing in for Janet Street-Porter and doing her best to make the great drawler looks half decent:

Katy Guest: A follow-up to ‘Big Brother’? Here’s an idea

Farewell, then, Big Brother – daring social experiment turned ruthlessly efficient famous-making machine turned public flogging of mental defectives for an ostensibly 21st-century audience….

Farewell, too, to thelondonpaper, a sort of print version of Big Brother that feeds off the new celebrity culture in the same way that certain types of beetle feed off animal faeces. It would be premature to announce (again) the death of the cult of fame; but would it be too optimistic to wonder whether readers have finally had enough of this peculiar brand of entertainment?

And how does Katy Guest follow news of how much she hates celebrity and a a late-night TV show? With this:

Kiss and text: The re-remodelling of Katie Price

We’ve all been there: you meet someone new; you take him back to your mansion in Surrey; you perform lewd sex acts upon his naked Brazilian person… and then it seems a good idea to send him a series of explicit text messages in a quirky and tender code that’s personal just to the two of you. And don’t you just hate it when it ends up in The Sun?

Last week, the paper published details of Price’s brief relationship with Andre Pinto, whom she met in a nightclub in Ibiza and then used, to his horror, “just for sex”. It also published the shocking text messages she sent him, edited to save the blushes of its readers. “I am going to *** ** **** **** ** ** until you beg me to stop,” she wrote. “Then *** ** **** **** **… *** ** *** ****….”

Katy Guest hates celebrity. Just hates it. Hates is enough to quote Katie Price and the Sun.

And lest you think Katy Guest is a fool, she tells you how smart she is:

Barack: a few holiday tips

Just like Barack Obama (in so many ways), I, too, set off on vacation recently with high hopes for my holiday reading

Sun. heat. OK! etc…

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Disgusting 66-Year-Old Mum Elizabeth Adeney

old-motherELIZABETH Adeney is to be mum at 66. It’s a private matter, right? Wrong? It’s tabloid fodder:

NOBODY said it was disgusting and immoral for David Jason to become a dad at 61, so why is it so disgusting to and immoral for Elizabeth Adeney to have a baby at 66.

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Media Training: With Richard Madeley And Janet Street-Porter

IN today’s Media Training class, Richard Madeley is in conversation with Janet Street-Porter for Marie Claire magazine:

JSP: I read a piece with your kids where they said you were a very, very embarrassing dad.
RM: I am. I’m a dad.
JSP: They revealed a lot. They said you had loads of penknives.
RM: Yes, and torches.
JSP: And torches, yes.

Class ends.

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