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Stephen Gately: Jan Moir Poised To Escape The 21000 Twitter Haters

jan-moirStephen Gately: Jan Moir is a global star, the PCC ready to reject 21,000 complaints, Ludovic Kennedy RIP and Twitter is only good for PR…

THE Death of Ludovic Kennedy, as told by Jan Moir.

Ludo, Stephen, Melvin, Germaine, Paxo; we all know who they are. And we are not being ghoulish to anticipate, or to be mentally braced for, their bad end: a long night, a mysterious stranger, an odd set of circumstances that herald a sudden death.

Sir Ludovic spent a life investigating miscarriages of justice, contributed to the abolition of the death penalty and was president of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society.

Another real sadness about Ludovic’s death is that it strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of marriages.

While Jan Moir is ser to become the Daily Mail’s obituary writer – hey, Jan RIP means Rest In Peace not RIP to shreds –  the media continues to write about the vibrant career of Jan Moir. As we’ve said, this middle-aged frump is having her Susan Boyle moment.

The Daily Mail is delighted:

A worldwide debate over a Daily Mail article on the death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately spread over the internet at the weekend.

Columnist Jan Moir’s comments on the singer’s shocking death sparked an extraordinary online response using sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Thousands have been moved to comment on Moir’s column after she wrote in last Friday’s paper about the circumstances surrounding the star’s death in Majorca, when he and his civil partner invited a Bulgarian man to their flat.

You’ve made it, Jan. The world knows who you are. You never needed a balloon and Loft Boy. You just stood on Stephen Gately’s corpse and spread your wings.

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