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This might be the greatest bodywash commercial of all time

Japan raise the bar for soap and bodywash stuff. (Although I did think the supebaddie wold mutate into mom).

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Japan: woman ordered to stop saving man’s life and leave the ‘holy’ sumo ring

sumo ring woman


To Japan, where Kyoto Mayor Ryozo Tatami is addressing a crowd from the sumo ring. Lumme! He’s only gone and keeled over. It looks a lot like a subarachnoid hemorrhage. People dash to help. A woman administers CPR. But hold on. The sumo announcer has hold of the mic. “Ladies, please leave the dojo,” he orders. Better that the man die than some female sully the sacred canvas.

The Asahi Shimbun explains:

At least two women climbed into the dohyo and administered cardiac massage to Tatami. During the emergency, the women were ordered to leave at least three times in announcements made over the public address system.

The gyoji also said, “Gentlemen, please climb up (to the dohyo),” according to municipal government sources and others.

The Japan Sumo Association chairman says the referee failed to understand the rule about human life being more sacred than a roped-off mat, offering: We would like to offer a profound apology. This instruction was inappropriate under such life-and-death circumstances. The gyoji did it because he was upset.” Yeah, by the presence of a woman.

The mayor is now “conscious and talking”. The rest of us are speechless.


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Tick used illustrate dangers of fatal disease escapes at press conference

To Japan’s Miyazaki Prefectural Government, where the local experts have called a press conference. The aim is to alert everyone to the threat of thrombocytopenia syndrome, a potentially fatal disease carried by ticks. It;s not all tell because the experts have brought along a parasitic tick. If you see one to these critter, be alarmed. And then it escaped.

The Japan Times has more:

“We should have been more careful about safety management as the prefecture is in a position to alert its people,” Miyazaki Gov. Shunji Kono said at a regular news conference Tuesday…

The officials and reporters looked for the missing tick in vain. The officials sprayed insecticide in the room and disinfected the room that night, they said.

No need. One of the politicos can just lie on the floor and wait. The tick will shot itself soon enough.


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Meet Kan-chan the enema mascot that goes where the sun doesn’t shine

The Japanese terms for people who like dressing up as toys is kigurumi. The Premier League is full of such people. But in Japan mascots are pretty much everywhere. This week another mascot waddled into life. Representing the Ichijiku Pharmaceutical Company, Kan-chan posed for media in front of Tokyo’s Skytree Building.

Kan-chan is the super-sized soft face of the company’s range of enemas. Oddly, Ichijikusays Kan-chan is a… penguin. The pointy head is not for easy access, rather a “hair accessory”.


Kan-chan Kan-chan


And here’s the inevitable plush toy.


mascot plush



Spotter: SoraNews24Kakeibo Mama


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Ready sliced chocolate for your sandwiches exists

You can buy cheese and meat shaped into thin, square slices to slap between two pieces of bread. Now you can buy sliced chocolate for your sarnie. Japanese company Bourbon is selling packets of five two-millimetre thick slices of  “nama chocolate”. Time to up your game, Nutella.



sliced chocolate sandwich

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Japanese department store offers one ‘F*CKIN’ SALE’

osaka fucking sale sign

To Osaka, where the Gallerie store is holding a “Fuckin’ Sale”.

Update: it’s been changed.

fucking sale japan

Spotter: Steven LevyJapan Subculture blog, Adrian Chen

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In Tokyo you can walk through a grinning child’s massive anus (for research purposes)

japan butt

To Japan, where telly network TV Tokyo is furthing mankinds understanding or nature’s wonders why with Karada no Fushigi Daibouken 2015, or “The Mysterious Great Adventure of the Body 2015.

Kids, parents, the man who carries that BA flight bag around Brent X car park, BBC radio DJs from the 1970s and huge anus enthusiasts can become ambulatory turds:

Japan anus expo

Spotter: Kyodo News

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Chocobana-na: you can inject your cream into a banana (video)




Stuck for a way to inject chocolate sauce or cream into a ripe banana? Well, worry no more. The Chocobana-na is here to turn the phallic fruit into a loaded missile.



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Fascinating Repairmen: A Japanese TV show about mending things like a book and a grater

Fascinating repairmen


‘Fascinating Repairmen’ is a Japanese series featuring people giving a new lease of life to old objects. Some of these are much loved items, like the book in the video below. Others are just bit odd. And the more random the item, the more desperate, touching and intriguing the show gets.

Adoxoblog notes:

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Another WTF Japanese game show – Spread Your Legs

Japanese game show of the day is the one where young women dressed in early 20th Century children’s fashions see who can spread their legs the widest. The winner is the contestant with the smile as wide as their gait:



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Japan’s Megumi Igarashi arrested for making a boat in the shape of her vagina



Megumi Igarashi is in trouble for making a large scale “pussy boat” based on 3D scans of her own vulva. Igarashi, known in Japan’s art circles as “Rokudenashiko” (“good-for-nothing girl”) has been arrested for emailing data from her 3D genital-scan.

It turns out in Japan depictions of genitalia are banned by a 1951 Supreme Court decree that forbids anything that “stimulates desire and violates an ordinary person’s sense of sexual shame and morality.”

You know, like the game show for tossers, Manga comics, him and this brothel.

If Igarashi’s Junk doesn’t float your boat you can take home replicas of her vulva is jewelry form.




News just in: Igarashi is free. But she’ll back in the dry dock on Tuesday. She faces up to two years in prison or a fine of up to 2.5 million yen ($24,500). 

She says:

“The fact that I was arrested for this at all shows that Japan is still very backwards about women’s sexual expression, that it is not acknowledged at all except as something for men’s pleasure. There’s huge resistance to women using their body to express themselves. The fact that I was arrested for this is just strange…. I don’t believe my vagina is anything obscene. I was determined I would never yield to police power.”

Feel free to put your oar in (but watch out for splinters)…

Spotter: The Independent

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Watch Sing When It Happens: The Japanese Karaoke Game Show Where You Get A Hand Job Whilst Singing

hand job karaoke

‘Mistletoe and wine…”


Japan has given us some of the world’s weirdest games shows. But it’s excelled itself with Sing What Happens, the show where male contestants try to sing karaoke whilst a presenter gives them a hand job.

Will you fluff your lines as the fluffer works your metronome?  Will you hit the high notes as well as the low ones?

Your turn is over when you ejaculate.

Cue Nirvana:


Spotter:Dangerous Minds

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Japan: women licking doorknobs is a fetish

japan 8


How do you clean your doorknobs?

On  Twitter, Door Knob Girl brigns us something no-one in Anorak Towers had ever thought of. And that’s quite something:



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The Wearable Futon Is A Thing Of Wonder

wearable futon 1


FINALLY, the wearable Futon. Alistair Gentry reviews:

Japanese office supply company King Jim offer this lovely wearable futon and air mat set for a mere ¥4,500 (about £25, €30 or $40), because Japan. It’s ideal for those times when you’ve come to hold your own life and dignity so cheap that you’re willing to voluntarily wear a futon at your workplace and sleep next to your desk like a dog. The title in the blue box says “kiru futon & eaamatto” (literally “wear futon and air mat”). The kit also contains an air pump. I once slept on a legit air bed for far longer than is sensible and it nearly crippled me, so I’m guessing this glorified packing material is hardly better than the office utility carpet from which the air mat is supposed to protect you.

Stylish cuffs, no? It’s nearly as hip as turning up selvedge jeans, except you’re wearing a futon therefore you have gone beyond being trendy and you have lost your damn mind. I like the model’s expression in the picture above. He’s like “Dafuq? Is this really happening?” Maybe that’s why he looks dead in pic 1. He completely lost the will to live in the course of this photoshoot, laid down on the air mat in his wearable futon and gave up the ghost.


wearable futon

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Tokyo Shop Sells Recycled Alcohol

liquor off

TO Tokyo, where locals can buy used booze at Liquor Off. It’s not quite reselling the dregs or distilling the contents of the urinal rivers that run through the city’s bars. This is a chance for people who exchange any booze they have around the place for cash.

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1960: ‘Girls’ Take Stretch Breaks At Tokyo’s Sony Factory

FLASHBACK to August 30, 1960:

Young girls at Japanese radio manufacturing plant in Tokyo, stretch in unison to the beat of a man blowing the whistle. The stretch break takes place twice a day and, according to company officials, raises the efficiency of the girls who assemble the miniature parts of transistor radios. The girls use microscopes to insert needle-like parts into the radios.




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Adam Magyar’s Super Slo-Mo Films Of Faces On The Platform As The Train Arrives



WHAT face do you pull when the train pulls into the station? One surprise looking at Adam Magyar’s super slo-mo films (50 frames per second; one 12 second moment spans to 8 minutes of film) of faces on the platform is how few people eat on trains in Tokyo, New York and Berlin. Also, no sly looks to the left and right to study the competition for seats and space?

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The Liberation Wrapper Means Japanese Women With Small Mouths Can Eat Burgers Without Shame

liberation wrapper 2

USELESS Products For Women introduces the Liberation Wrapper.

With this handy device, women with small mouths, or ochobo, can eat a meaty burger without disgusting everyone else.

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