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Peter Connelly Killer Jason Owen Is Looking To Pay Taxes

ONE of Peter Connelly’s killers is not longer in prison. Jason Owen is out.

The Sun says this is front-page news. It screams:

“BABY P KILLER IN PARK – He mingles with mums and kids”

Alex Peake tells Sun readers:

He strolls through a park — yards from a mum pushing her toddler in a buggy.

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Tracey Connelly’s Keep-Fit Video, Baby P’s Dad Sues And The Sun Owns Peter Connelly’s Soul

7695364BABY P Watch – Anroak’s round-up of Peter Connelly, Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Barker in the news – new prisons, new identities, Baby P’s father to sue Haringey, social workers sue and The Sun’s new grave grab…

Sky News: “Baby P Mum To Get New ID – And Fitness Guru”

But today it emerged Connelly is likely to get a new name, social security details and a costly new appearance, paid for by the taxpayer. Sources told Sky News Online these would include a new hairstyle and a fitness guru who would help her slim down.

The media hates child killers nearly as much as it hates the fat. Tracey may yet issue her own keep-fit video and diet.


Baby Peter’s natural father is to sue Haringey Council for its failure to protect his son, it emerged yesterday.The grieving father is seeking £200,000 compensation, although legal experts said he could claim twice as much.

Daily Telegraph: “Baby P’s father to sue Haringey Council”

But Ann Widdecombe, the Tory MP, questioned whether Peter’s father should be entitled any compensation. “Given that he was seeing the child on a regular basis, he failed to spot the same injuries that the others failed to spot,” she said. “If he can show evidence that he reported this to social services then it would be different. But if not, why should he be compensated?”

Daily Star: “150m to huide baby P’s killers”

MORE than £150million in taxpayers’ cash could be spent protecting the killers of Baby P.

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Baby P Is The Baby Of Hearts

BABY P Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Baby P in the news…

THE SUN (front page): “Haunting portrait of baby P shows cuts and bruises”

These are the:


The torture and death of Baby P is not enough for the Sun which continues to search for more pictures of the child to broadcast and therewith show how much it cares for the “blue-eyed angel”.

Here’s one of Baby P fresh out the womb, born on Wednesday March 1, 2006. He’s a healthy weight of 7lob 1oz.

Here’s one of baby P is an Army-style fatigue jacket. He’s smiling. And here’s that front-page shot again, this time with arrows pointing at his “old bruise”, “new bruise” and “red marks”.

Wannabe social workers should make notes. They should be shown the front-page picture and asked to spot any abrasions, lacerations and contusions. Failure to get less than the full three marks would result in a fail, and a job in Haringey.

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