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Madeleine McCann: New Prime Suspect As Child Snatched On Beach

benneedham1MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news: A child is stolen on a Cyrus beach, Ben Needham is missing. Madeleine McCann is a keyword and Donal MacIntyre identifies the prime suspect…

The Sun: “Stranger snatched Brit tot, 2, off holiday isle beach”

A MUM told yesterday how a stranger snatched her two-year-old son off a beach on a sunshine island – as she watched in horror. The man grabbed little Presley Cassell and fled.


The toddler’s dad Nicholas gave chase and grabbed Presley back 30 yards down the beach in Cyprus before the kidnapper could reach a car. Presley’s mum Keeley, 33, said: “He just picked up Presley and ran off down the beach. It happened right in front of our eyes. It was every parent’s nightmare.”

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Fire At Will Lewis: Jasper Gerrard Bombs In Padstein’s Cornwall

THERE’S something of the Gaza Strip in Cornwall, says Jasper Gerard in the Telegraph:

It is not quite Palestine, but “Padstein” can also be pretty dangerous – and not merely due to the constant shelling we face with the fruits de mer. Padsteinians, so named thanks to Rick Stein’s takeover of Padstow, were already running the gauntlet with a constant bombardment of oysters at Stein’s restaurant, Seafood.

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