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Artist turns great books into colour signatures

JAZ Parkinson has turned some of our favourite books into colour charts. Says Parkinson:

“I’m interested in showing how the human mind can transform a word of text into a tangible colour,” says Parkinson. “…Each colour reference or piece of visual imagery in the novel has been tallied, graphed, and charted to make a unique signature for the book.”

She found the writing in The Red Badge of Courage to be especially evocative and she groups similar colors together to illustrate the imagery’s nuances. For instance, the three large reddish bands above represent “crimson” (a color Crane uses to describe the flash of rifle shots), “blood” and “red” (which Crane often uses in reference to the bloodshot eyes of the battle-weary soldiers).



The Bible – beginning and end




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Posted: 16th, September 2013 | In: Books | Comment