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Ellen takes on Prop8 and One Million Moms

AMERICA has some funny ideas about gay people. For some reason, the Christian community has a surprisingly unhealthy interest about which orifice is receiving what. It appears that, if you like someone with the same genitals as you, you are programmed with a completely separate code of values. God forbid. Yes, that was intentional.

And so, with retail giant JC Penney snagging Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, the lumbering religious decided to kick up a stink because, obviously, buying socks from a gay gives you immediate AIDS and injects you with Disco Stu’s entire iPod playlists.

The biggest complainants are One Million Moms who think that gays, frankly, shouldn’t be allowed to do anything. They’re calling for the retailer “to replace Ellen DeGeneres” on their website, and have launched a campaign against JC Penney for not remaining “neutral in the culture war.” Worse still, their business is going to get hurt because DeGeneres is a lesbian and “most of its customers are traditional families.”

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Posted: 8th, February 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)