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Jedward Play GAY Heaven, GAYS In Hell Laugh: Pictures

JEDWARD, Simon Cowell’s pet Duracell Gonks – John Grimes and Edward Grimes – performed at G-A-Y Heaven in London. (What’s GAY Hell like – can it be that bad?) Their act is pretty crap, but still good enough to steal the show at the National Television Awards, that display of self-aggrandising pomposity where Loose Women win a factual telly going and someone who used to be the popular and likeable Dr Who makes us realise that he was a good actor. So here’s Jedward. Enjoy. It’s as good as it gets:


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John Grimes and Edward Grimes aka Jedward perform at G-A-Y Heaven in London

Posted: 31st, January 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comments (3)