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Julie Burchill Leaves The Independent WIth A Swipe At Jemima Khan and Johann Hari

JULIE Burchill has left the Independent.

Her final piece ends:

Give the people what they want, goes the old line, and that day is here at last for me and the vast majority of Independent readers as I write my final column. I leave you with a light heart, well aware that it’s time for me to move over. So I will now concentrate mainly on learning Hebrew and writing my memoir of philo-Semitism UNCHOSEN, with supplementary activity based around lunching, lazing and loafing. And the occasional foray into journalism, of course – I’d miss my trolls too much if I retired.

L’hitraot! as we say in Israel – be seeing you!

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Will Smith And Jenny Cannybody Lose Super Injunction Fight: Spoilt Rich Bastards Got Theirs First

JENNY Cannybody, 30, of Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne is never likely to get the superinjunction she craves to stop the exposure of the fact she is having her bones humped to breaking point by Will Smith. (No not that one).

This Will Smith is, as fable has it, a 42-year-old North Shields butcher and, according to Jennifer in a Newcastle’s Bigg Market pub rest room tête-à-têtes with her mates, likes a good time, has a bit of brass and knows how to wield his pork sausage the right way. (“If you know warra mean, like”)

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Minted Hugh Grant And Jemima Khan Rescue The New Statesman

EVEN the ancient legend that is Madame Arcati finds herself astonished. I thought I’d heard and seen it all. Hugh Grant – yes, the man who is the current incarnation of British movie upper class cock-cunter – has saved the New Statesman. His naughty article on how he stitched up a former News of the World hack (see previous post) on illegal phone hacking in the Murdoch empire is now trending on Twitter. This is thanks to the feature going online (not from purchase!) – drawing in tens of thousands of new readers and reinventing the magazine in the process.

The mag now understands that celebrity power is its future, particularly since it is Stephen Fry who’s leading the battle tweet (with a link to the mag that doesn’t work). I tweeted first, natch. Also, countless people now know of the skulduggery at the Screws even though much of Hugh’s nuggets are not new.

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Jemima Khan: Why Is A Minted Socialite Editing The New Statesman?

THE divine newspaper columnist Suzanne Moore has made her thoughts known on the topic of Jemima Khan guest editing the current issue of the New Statesman. As a former writer on the little-read publication, who departed amid some acrimony, she’s entitled. Suzanne has no personal beef with the fragrant Jemima but does wonder on a social network site, slyly, whether the magazine may ‘walk the walk on social mobility.’

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Khan’s Powdered Morse Milk, In Cans

CANNED, powdered horse milk – an addendum to Anorak’s Canned Whole Chicken: The Most Bizarre Canned Foods Ever:


The Khan’s Choice – Jemima Khan swears buy it… in Cannes.

So too does Sarah Jessica Parker, allegedly.

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