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In the celebrity Petri Dish with Kelly Brook, Cheslea’s Ashley Cole, Danny Cipirani and Katie Price fan Jemma Henley

article-2050457-0E6D3C6E00000578-686_468x702READERS may recall the name Jemma Henley from the Daily Mail’s story “Ashley Cole’s ‘three-month affair’ with a contestant on Katie Price’s model show”.

The mother-of-three has said of her protegee: ‘She has fierce model written all over her.”

Well, you pick your surgeons and tattoo artists and you take your chances.

You may also recall her Jemma from a 2005 TV about  US Brat Camps and this 2011 report in the Oxford Mail:

A FORMER wild child teenager whose behaviour shocked TV viewers has marked turning her life around by getting a tattoo of her idol… the 22-year-old, who was expelled from five schools but has since posed for Nuts, Zoo, Maxim and Loaded, has had a full-length portrait of Jordan tattooed on her right arm.

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Jemma Henley And Chelsea’s Ashley Cole: Katie Price’s Cut-Price Supermodel Confesses

ASHLEY Cole, of Chelsea FC and England, has a “SECRET LOVER”, reports the Daily Star on its front page. Of course, he has nothing of the sort. All Ashley’s lovers are branded “MRS C” on the nape of their necks. As you check your own necks, and those of your girlfriend, mother (but not hamsters), the Star tells us:

A SECRET lover of Ashley Cole was yesterday outed by Kate Price, who is now turning her into a supermodel. Jemma Henley claimed she had a hush-hush fling with the footballer for three months.

So much to digest. How do you turn anyone into a supermodel? Starvation, better genes and a manageable drug problem, allegedly?

Katie says Jemma “has fierce model written all over her“. In crayon. She also has a tattoo of Katie Price on her arm.

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