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Jennifer Ellison Introduces 92-Hour Brookside Cliff Hanger And Baby Bobby

“THE last time OK! photographed a heavily pregnant Jennifer Ellison it was big drama as he made an emergency hospital dash after she keeled over and began violently vomiting midway through the photo-shoot.”

It turns out Jennifer hadn’t over-syruped (a condition hitherto known to affect OK! readers) but had been food poisoned.

Soon recovered, OK! meets Ellison again, this time after a 92-hour labour – fitting, perhaps, for a girl who used to entertain us on the Brookside omnibus. Here’s Jen:

“The baby’s head got stuck in my pelvis, the pain as excruciating. I was given a shot of diamorphine, but it did nothing. I was in so much pain my body started to shut down.”

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Posted: 3rd, March 2010 | In: OK! | Comment

Jennifer Ellison Plays Spot the Dodgeball

jennifer_ellisonJENNIFER ELLISON is the face and balls of Doritos Dodgeball Challenge, a live gaming experience enabling members of the public to fire dodgeballs at “real people” eating crisps.

Like Jennifer.

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Posted: 1st, May 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Jennifer Ellison Milks Bear: ‘Ax the Beer Tax’

JENNIFER Ellison holds forth a pint glass full of warm, flat beer.

Flat. Oh, the irony.

For the non-drunker, her other optic dispenses pineapple juice…

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Posted: 1st, December 2008 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)

Jennifer Ellison Puts Her Backs Into Her New Title

JENNIFER Ellison is the Rear of the Year.

Who knew that after years of pushing her chest into lad’s mags and red-top newspapers, it would be the back of the blonde former soap actress we’d love best?

Knickers off to our Jen.

But there is controversy: Who voted for Ellison’s backside, when no-one has ever seen it..?

Posted: 11th, September 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comments (3)