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Dwarf bites Jennifer Thompson on the bum

JENNIFER Thompson continues to set the Daily Star’s news agenda. Today it’s the “Rooney hooker’s” appearance on ITV’s This Morning making front-page news.

As told yesterday, acting dwarf Josh Bennett revealed all about his night of sex with the single woman defined by her links to Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney.

In “OOMPAH LOOMPAH SHOWED ME HIS WILLY WONKA”, “Rooney’s hooker” fell for an “Oompa Loompa dwarf and bedded him”.

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Photos Of Wayne Rooney’s Alleged Prostitute Lover Jenny Thompson

WAYNE Rooney cheated on Coleen Rooney with 21-year-old Jenny Thompson, aka Jennifer Thompson, a prostitute, allegedly. So says the News of The World on its front page, its follow up story on Pakistani cricket – billed as the most sensational sporting scandal ever”. – relegated by a footballer’s alleged shags.

The allegation is that Rooney shagged the brass when Coleen was pregnant with their first child, Kai. The Mirror says Rooney stopped seeing her in October 2009. Kai was born in the following November.

This story has been a rumour throughout the summer, served up by gossiping hacks to explain Rooney’s lacklustre performances in the South Africa World Cup. Rooney has form, having been linked to prostitutes Charlotte Glover, Gina McCarrick and Auld Slapper, a grandma of 48.

Says Jenny:

“Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen.”

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