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Jeremy Hunt meets Rupert Murdoch – photo

JEREMY Hunt, the culture secretary, has met with Rupert Murdoch. at the London 2012 Olympics.

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Jeremy Hunt: ‘Come and get a suntan in St James’s Park’

THE rain. Always the rain. Here’s what Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary told foreigners back in July 2012, according to the Times:

We have “much better weather than they think,” he said, announcing the Government’s “Great” advertising campaign in 14 cities across the world. “We have lower rainfall than Paris. We have to make sure people understand the reality about the weather.” He added: “It is not always as hot as New York but much more pleasant. Come and get a suntan in St James’s Park — you’ll find that it is much more pleasant than a crowded beach on the Med.”

The St James’s Park tanning booths are now open…

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James Murdoch, Jeremy Hunt and Fernando Torres – what the Sun didn’t tell you

JAMES Murdoch bores the vigour from Lord Leveson’s inquiry into media standards with corporate speak ‘n’ spell. Jeremy Hunt lands in the brown stuff. And the Sun (prop, Rupert Murdoch – James’s dad) wonders what story to lead with on the morning after Chelsea qualify for the Champions League final and Fernando Torres scores a goal.

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Jeremy Hunt Loses To William Hague And Seb Coe In Tory Olympic Challenge

JEREMY Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, spent part of today riding an inflatable raft down the Lee Valley White water Centre in Hertfordshire, which will be the venue for the Olympics in 2012.

The venue will host five days of intense Canoe slalom competition during the games next year, in front of 60,000 spectators who applied for tickets to the Olympic stadium but failed to get them and then ticked any box in the mad belief that spending £200 to watch kayaking was money well spent.

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Jeremy Hunt Is Rhyming Slang In Liverpool

JEREMY Hunt is now rhyming slang in some parts of Liverpool. The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt suggested that hooliganism had played a part in the Hillsborough football disaster when 96 Liverpool fans died.

Well, it did. Had it not been for hooliganism, there would have been no fencing around the Hillsborough pitch. But that is not what Hunt meant. He said that the “terrible problems” of “Heysel and Hillsborough in the 1980s seem now to be behind us.”

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X Factor And Strictly Come Dancing Go To War

simon-cowell1THE BBC has “let Britain down”, says Simon Cowell, to Sun readers.

Simon Cowell is “STRICTLY SEETHING” with “fury” at BBC “over X Factor clash with Rival show”.

The X Factor is on the telly at the same time as Strictly Come Dancing. This is a crisis of democracy that splits voters between voting for a dumpy stage school also-ran or the part-trained non-dancing celebrity.

Both shows are on at the same as YouTube, which features lots of undiscovered singers who can sing well and any number of nonentities not dancing well.

Cowell said: “It is the wrong decision for the simple reason the public don’t want it to happen. They are the two most popular shows on TV and the fact they go out at the same time is crazy. Everyone knows that.”

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