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Smutty Jeremy Kyle Turns TalkSport Into Talk Sex And Gives Us A New Reason To Dislike Him

jeremy-kyle1FRESH from baiting the fat, poor and stupid, Jeremy Kyle is on TalkSport Radio. Kyle legitimises his rants against the fat, poor and the stupid by asking callers which team they support and calling them “my friend”. He then introduces a feature on when you first told your partner you loved them. He wants to illustrate it with Laura, his producer.

Come here Laura.

Kyle has called her “Luscious Laura”, repeatedly. Jeremy Kyle wants to know how old she is. She is 27. He wants to know about Luscious Laura’s boyfriend. Does she have one? Come here Laura, he orders. Come through the glass doors. Come closer.

Laura says that she does have a boyfriend. Where did she meet him? She met him at work.

JK: Did you have sex in the office?

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Posted: 12th, November 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment