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And Now For The Omni-Weather: Jeremy Paxman’s 8 Best Newsnight Moments



JEREMY Paxman has taken his quizzical expression and sardony to pastures news. The BBC’s Newsnight will find a new bullshit wrangler.

That this show survived the Jimmy Savile cover-up is interesting. That Liz MacKean was not a shoo-in to edit a new evening news show is an error.

Paxman became the best thing on Newsnight. He set its knowing, sneery tone. He’ll be missed by many.

So. Let’s see his best 8 moments:


The Michael Howard Loop


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Jeremy Paxman issues beard statement to the pognophobic BBC


THERE has been quite the hubbub about Jeremy Paxman and his beard this week, with some people near-orgasmic in praise, while others somersaulting in disgust.

The real news is that, current affairs aren’t as interesting as a TV titan growing a bit of fuzz.

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Did Jeremy Paxman bully University Challenge contestant? Tom Tyszczuk Smith’s mummy defends her ‘shy’ boy

DID Jeremy Paxman bully University Challenge contestant Tom Tyszczuk Smith? No. The action went like this:

Paxman: “The liberties of England and the Protestant religion I will maintain’. Which royal figure made that claim when he landed in Brixham, Devon in 1688?”
Tyszczuk Smith: “William I.”
Paxman: “No, William I? No I’m sorry, that’s the wrong answer and you know it’s very wrong…It’s only out by about 600 years or so. Anyway no, it’s William of Orange of course, William III.”
Tyszczuk Smith: “Sorry, no I’m sorry.”

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Jeremy Paxman Waves Goodbye To ‘Crap’ BBC: Email In Full

JEREMY Paxman is imploding before out eyes. Having used the words “cunts” to describe the coalition’s spending “cuts”, hosted a chatty Newsnight smirk-off about bankers’ wages and the trouble with the rich – his salary at the BBC: £1milion a year – Paxman has now written an email that calls Newsnight crap”.

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Jeremy Paxman Says Taxes Are C*nts: James Naughtie Might Laugh

JEREMY Paxman was on Newsnight saying that taxes and those cut are “cunts”. Is this a slip of the tongue or now, given the use of the word by James Naughtie and others, BBC policy? If it is, it’s time to start looking for a new taboo word. Any suggestions?

The Top 10 BBC Radio Fails

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Jeremy Paxman To Edit The Independent?

ON January 23, Madame Arcati broke the story that Jeremy Paxman had been offered the Independent editorship – many thought I was joking.

Now the Guardian confirms that Paxman has met likely new owners the Lebedevs to talk about his possible appointment. He’s not the only name on Alexander Lebedev’s wishlist – Greg Dyke’s there too, more in need of a big job than Paxman I should have thought.

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Boris Johnson Exposes Jeremy Paxman’s BBC Agenda

matt-hackTHE Tory Party conference is much like the Labour Party Conference, only with better suits and broadcast by a BBC unable to hide its bias.

Before we see Jeremy Paxman’s hideous interview with London mayor Boris Johnson, in which Paxman looked like a sneery head boy sucking up to a more popular pupil while seeking to exert a superiority that was patently lacking, Tory Bear brings us this:

Sunny Hundal, head honcho of Liberal Conspiracy, says:

“There needs to be an increasing drive towards investigative blogging, finding news and digging up dirt on the opposition. Just writing opinion is no longer enough. Left-wing blogging has to focus on two things: collating and publishing news, and doing distributed investigative journalism. More on this another time.

Not only will it get dirty and partisan – I’d say that is exactly where we need to be.”

Dirty and partisan eh?

Last time Tory Bear heard anyone recommend that as a game plan it was our dear Derek, and that didn’t go too well.

Now for that interview, in which wealthy civil servant Paxman tries to pour scorn on David Cameron because he is, er, wealthy and therefore might actually understand how money works and its value:

Image: The excellent Matt Buck

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Dizzee Rascal Bombs Paxman

DIZZEE Rascal undoes Paxman – PopsugarUK

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