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Jermain Defoe wants a secretary to turn him into a ‘global brand’

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Sunderland FC striker Jermain Defoe is looking for a new executive personal assistant to keep his life in order. The role is “demanding“. You will take his calls, stock the fridge, build him apps and turn Jermain Defoe into a global brand with a clothing line and fragrance.

The job appears on SECS In The City:


jermain defoe brand


Spotter: Pies


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Spurs Balls: Sherwood Gives Jermain Defoe The Gilded Elbow

TOTTENHAM Hotspur have just sold Jermain Defoe to Toronto FC. This is no way means that Defoe has lost his edge and is on a “negative spiral”. It means he is a fantasyic player. Well, so says Tim Sherwood:

“…I can’t give him enough praise. Even when told he is not playing, he is always ready to come on and show he is good enough to start. He’s been a fantastic professional. I think we’ve got to give a little more credit to the MLS, I don’t think it’s a c**p league. Jermain needs to play regular football and that’s where he is going to get it… I’m sure that won’t hinder him getting in the England team because wherever he plays, Jermain will score. His legacy is all about scoring goals – even as a boy, I can remember him going on loan to Bournemouth and he was knocking them in for fun, and he has never lost that sharpness.”

Defoe will score where he plays. He knocks them in for fun. He is as sharp now as he was in 2000-2001. Which is why he’s, erm, leaving mid-season…

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Gary Neville on Funny Foreigner Luis Suarez: Biting and spitting are so very un-British

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester United v Manchester City - Old Trafford

CAN is be argued that Liverpool’s Luis Saurez gets a worse press than a British born player would for the same or similar indiscretions? Yes, if you compare the treatment his dives have earned him compared to Gareth Bale’s slips. And yes, if you compare his cheating to Team GB’s Olympic efforts in the cycling. And yes, if you look at what happend when Jermain Defoe allegedly bit an opponent (who just happend to be an Argentinian).

So. To Gary Neville, the former Manchester United and England defender who now works a pundit on Sky Sports. Neville can be erudite and insightful. He can also attribute Suarez’s antics to his being a funny foreigner.

PS – Here’s a story about former Manchester United player, the Scot Paddy Crerand. In 1967, Manchester United’s Crerand was in a “spitting incident” with Stoke’s Tony Allen. It led to a change in the laws of the game which made spitting a sending off offence.

Photo: Manchester United’s Gary Neville celebrates after Michael Owen scored their winning goal, in front of the Manchester City fans during the Barclays Premier League match at Old Trafford, Manchester. Sunday, September 20, 2009.

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Imogen Thomas And Jermain Defoe In Denial: The Spurs Theory

IS Imogen Thomas of Ryan Giggs repute (and we knew about the alleged affair ages ago –  just as Chelsea White, allegedly) grabbling with Spurs pocket-sized dynamo Jermain Defoe? We thought she said she was. Now, we read that she isn’t. But given the PR-driven nonsense, Thomas and Defoe seem well suited. As he says of his time at Spurs – interrupted by being sold to and then bought from Portsmouth:

Not once in six years have I asked to leave Tottenham” – Jermain Defoe on Sky Sports, May, 2011

It was like when I decided to leave and went to Portsmouth because I got to a situation where I thought: ‘I’m not sitting on the bench’” – Jermain Defoe, March, 2011

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Bald Imogen Thomas Shags Jermain Defoe As Ryan Giggs Loses Champions League

IMOGEN Thomas… What news? The News of The World tells us:

The beauty snuggled up to old flame Spurs striker Jermain Defoe on a romantic break at luxury health resort Champneys. She is rekindling her romance with him after he supported her through the scandal.

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Jermain Defoe Arrested By Celebrity Police Force

jermain-defoeJERMAIN Defoe, of Tottenham and England, has been arrested.

As the Mirror screams from its front page:

“DEFOE FURY – England ace wrongly arrested and held by cops for five hours”

The Mirror calls them “bungling cops”. But Anorak readers will recognise them for what they are: the Celebrity Police Force. Their mission is to be photographed with as many famous people as possible. Today, the CPF meets Jermain Defoe:

Footballer Jermain Defoe was “unlawfully” arrested today on suspicion of driving while disqualified, his lawyer said. Defoe’s solicitor said the Tottenham and England striker was not disqualified but had been held for more than five hours at a police station in Harlow, Essex.

Driving while disqualified should not be confused with DWB (Driving While Black), which though not a crime, yet, is frowned upon by some police.
Essex Police said the arrest had been based on “inaccurate” information held on a computer.

In interview Defoe was asked about his driving, his licence, his best ever goal, why-oh-why he left West Ham and if Chantelle Houghton sleeps on her back.

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Chantelle Houghton Bags Jermain Defoe

IT was ever going to be so for Chantelle Houghton, erstwhile Big Brother winner, wearer of the gargantuan Jordans and now Wag to Tottenham Hotspur footballer Jermain Defoe, a man caught in a time loop.

One year ago, the News of the World told us:

“SPURS ace Jermain Defoe rolls off the busty mistress he has kept secret for an astonishing SEVEN YEARS… and plants the cups of her giant 36GG bra on his head.”

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