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Jermaine ‘Michael Jackson’s brother’ Jackson, wants to change his name to Jacksun

CELEBRITIES don’t have a good record with names. Prince changed his to a squiggle and Frank Zappa and Bob Geldof sent their offspring into certain bullying by given them daft monikers. Mixing both of these angles is Jermaine Jackson, who has not only given his children awful names (Jermajesty anyone?), but he’s changing his name for ‘artistic reasons’.

‘Artistic reasons’ is code for either ‘stupid’ if you were wondering.

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Bobby Brown lived in a car so Whitney Houston could go to rehab

SO, now that Whitney Houston is dead, we can all say what we like about her because she has no feelings. What gossip is floating around about her? Well, first up, she’s strongly rumoured to have had an affair with Jermaine Jackson (a man hellbent on getting a career out of famous corpses) in ’84.

Allegedly, Jermaine was married to Motown founder Berry Gordy’s daughter at the time, which is nice. He didn’t join the Jacksons’ move to Epic from Motown because of his love for Little Gordy, but alas, found time to (allegedly) dip his wick in Whitney. She was supposedly so besotted with him that she recorded Saving All My Love for You, with a Jermaine lookalike in the video.

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Does TMZ Accuse Jermaine Jackson Of Stealing His Own Stuff?

JERMAINE Jackson says someone has stolen in excess of $150,000 worth of furs, jewels, watches and other stuff that was in a Louis Vuitton bag.

The man with the raisin hair – Michael Jackson’s brother – is now so impoverished that his total goods in bag are worth a paltry $150 gs? Jackson had bags worth more than that – carrier bags.

But this story has one more angle. TMZ reports:

A week after Jackson filed the police report, he filed docs in his child support case — claiming he couldn’t afford the $3,000/month for his kids, Jaafar and Jermajesty. He’d like the payment reduced to $215 a month.

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Jermaine Jackson: Michael Jackson Was Killed And Conrad Murray’s The ‘Fall Guy’

JERMAINE Jackson wants to “speak from his heart” about the death of his brother Michael Jackson. He wants to speak with you, Hello! magazine readers.

And while he speaks he wants to show you lots of his stuff, such as the zebra-print rugs on his lounge floor, his kidzz Jermajesty and Jaafar, his wife Halima and his hair not seen outside an advert for California Sun-Maid raisins.

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

Jermaine tells us that he’s NOT made of steel and when “the world cried” after the man the media called Wacko Jacko died, the Jacksons also cried.

Hello! says “family is plainly paramount” to the man who has seen children by three women.

Funeral pics

Before Michael Jackson died, Jermaine was on Celebrity Big Brother. That was the show that included Jermaine uttering the phrase “white trash” and a chat with Jade Goody:

Jade: “You’re actually black aren’t you?”
Jermaine: Nods
Jade: “‘Cos lookin’ at you, like, you’re dark, like your brothers.”
Jermaine: Worried
Jade: “But looking at Michael, he’s gone white actually, ain’t he?”

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Move Like Michael Jackson: A BBC TV Talent Show

michael-jackson-heavenBBC Three might well be less alive than Michael Jackson, the man it seeks to laud with a new six-part dance series called Move Like Michael Jackson.

This is great news for dads at discos and weddings who can now lie prone on the floor and claim to be moving like Michael Jackson.

It turns out that the show is not a séance hosted by Derek Acorah wired to a car battery, ready to channel Jacko’s dance at the turn of a key but a thing so wonder hosted by Radio 1’s Reggie Yates.

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This Isn’t It: Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theorists Hijack Film Premier, In Pictures

japan-jackson1MICHAEL Jackson’s film, This Is It, hits the movie screens.

In 16 cities around the world, the film of outtakes, retakes and on-the-takes plays on.

You can read what Liz Taylor thinks of it here, and what Peter Andre thinks of it here. America has Liz Taylor. The UK has Peter Andre, and he had to be imported.

Not everywhere is the film a big deal. But our snappers were in LA and London. And this is what they saw (there’s a film in this). Look out for:

London: Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson and Marlon Jackson (which si which), George Sampson, Abby Clancy, Harry Connick Junior (you’ve seen this, right?), a Chipmunk and two looka-likes.

LA: Ian Ziering’s teeth, Will Smith’s knits, Jennifer Lopez (allegdly), Paula Abdul’s New Age dress and Paris Hilton.

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Katie Price Meets Jermaine Jackson, Peter Andre Opens Up a Virgin

jermaine-jackson-hairSO what’s Katie Price been up since she was on I’m A Celebrity Me Out Of Here? You can find out as Katie Price speaks to Live From Studio Five, the Channel shout-a-thon presented by former footballer Ian Wright, model Melinda Messenger and Apprentice runner-up Kate Walsh.

Also on the show is Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine, who has also been notably quiet since appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and California raisins stopped using his hair in their adverts.

Jermaine says that he never saw Michael Jackson “act in any way that was out of the ordinary“.

… for Michael Jackson?

In other news Peter Andre has been in London opening a Virgin – a Virgin Media store at the sprawling Westfield mall. Tsk!

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Stars Get Call Screening As Jermaine Jackson’s Funeral Disco Plugs London Tribute Gig

7787627MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the new: As far back as yesterday, Anorak was looking forward to the big Michael Jackson tribute, featuring Jermaine Jackson, Janet Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Bianca Jackson, Colin Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, Katherine Jackson and top Austrian stars like Hans Und Knees, the yodelling pantomime horse, contortionist Helmut Hertz and the Von Trapps.

Now we hear that the show is off.

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Frozen Michael Jackson Being Fed By A Bent Spoon

spoon-fed-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson frozen, fed by a spoon, Sly Stone misses out and Jermaine Jackson’s Legacy book…

The Sun: “Frail, sick Jackson ‘was fed by spoon’”

That’s the chopstick theory blown out the water. Is Uri Geller involved – he has to be:

MICHAEL Jackson was so weak in his final days he needed to be SPOON-FED meals, his make-up artist has revealed.

It’s high time we heard from the make-up artist. Finally:

Karen Faye, 53, says the King of Pop was “disorientated and sickly” in his last week and claims the pressure of his up-coming London shows “killed” him.

Jackson was not well before he died? Who knew?

Karen told Jacko’s fans on Facebook that choreographer Kenny Ortega was feeding the singer.

She said: “He (Jacko) was 12-20 pound heavier in April than he was in June. Kenny was cutting his chicken and feeding it to him. This was one of my concerns. If he cannot feed himself, how could he be expected to do these shows?”

Hire another Michael Jackson – there are lots of them? Bring back Bubbles to feed him? Get some staff as befitting the King of Pop, a peer of the realm who should no more have to feed himself than a lowly Prince Charles should have to aim his own penis at the specimen bottle.

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The Save The World Awards In Pictures And Jacksons

7630717FOR the first Save The World Awards, we journey by plane, foot and piggyback to the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant in Lower Austria, a place built but never used.

The Austrians, we learn, said “no” to atomic energy. The power plant never saw active service. But don’t worry about the waste because the plant will soon become a solar power plant. Which means everyone can feel so much better about the carbon footprint of building a power plant that was never used to generate any power. And the great and the good can attend its unveiling, arriving on foot, camel and swimming pool etc…

Let’s hear it for unreliable and intermittent power supplies!

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Blanket Speaks Out About His Father Michael Jackson

blanketMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Blanket Jackson speaks about Michael Jackson, it was not murder and burying Jacko at the Neverland Theme Park. 


Michael Jackson’s son Blanket asks godfather heart-breaking question ‘Where’s my Daddy gone? On holiday?’

He’s at Butlin’s doing a summer season with Chris Biggins. Now go back to sleep…

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Michael Jackson: Jermaine Jackson Says Dr Conrad Murray Is No Doctor

7544167MICHAEL Jackson Watch: YOU’VE heard from Officer La Toya Jackson of the Michael Jackson home-icide squad and glee club; you’ve heard Tito Jackson assure the Jackson Three that Michael is their daddy (or not); now listen up as Big Brother housemate emeritus Jermaine Jackson tells all.

With so many Jackson bairns, Michael Jackson will not much rest in pace but be forever ensconced in a vacuum of chatter.

In “DOC SHOULD HAVE SAVED MY BRO” Jermaine Jackson pulls on a medical coat and gives a second opinion on the many opinions thus far:

Tearful Jermaine, 54, asked of Dr Conrad Murray: “If he’s a doctor, why is Michael dead?”

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