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Jerome Taylor Is The Election Best Story (And Best Pictures)

THE best story of the election was not Gordon Brown calling an elderly woman a bigot but the one in which reporter Jerome Taylor got beaten up as he investigated electoral fraud in East London.

Taylor exhibits the kind of journalism that might have exposed the dodgy dossier or the troughing MPs – the Telegraph’s scoop on greedy MPs only came to light because someone was offering to sell the story and they spotted the chance and had the cash (the Sun, for one, turned it down).

It’s the kind of in-yer-face journalism that makes no freinds and gets you in trouble.

Anyhow, As Jerome Taylor is having all colours of the election kicked out him he not only offers readers’ tips on how to get beaten up and survive but keeps an eye on his attackers.

As their fists and feet slammed into me, all I could think about was some advice a friend had given me. She’s a paramedic and has dealt with countless victims of assault. “Whatever you do don’t get knocked to the ground,” she once said. “Blows on the floor are much more dangerous.” …

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Posted: 5th, May 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment