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Occupy London: Jesse Jackson knows Jesus better than Rowan Williams does

THE irrepressible Reverend Jesse Jackson showed his face at the Occupy London Stock Exchange protest at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. In a fist fight, or indeed any kind of fight with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, the bankers would bet on Jackson.

Williams is no fan of Occupy London. He write in the Radio Times. He considerd the protestors signs asking “What would Jesus do?” Happily, Williams knows:

“He would first of all be there: sharing the risks, asking the long and hard questions. Not just taking sides but steadily changing the entire atmosphere by the questions he asks of everybody involved, rich and poor, capitalist and protester and cleric. The Jesus we meet in the Bible is somebody who constantly asks awkward questions rather than just giving us a model of perfect behaviour.”

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A History Minded Jesse Jackson In Dublin: Photos

THE former presidential candidate Reverend Jesse Jackson – he was going to be the US’s first black leader – has been to Trinity College on his way to address the College Historical Society, in Trinity College Dublin.

Ah, history:

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