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Jessica Biel’s Organic Striptease Defies Her Looks: Photos

JESSICA Biel would like to explain that her striptease in Powder Blue was more than just a striptease. People can be so judgemental:

“It’s unfortunate. It was brutal for a while. There was so much more that we put into it. [However] I wasn’t so scarred by the experience that I wouldn’t do it again. If a director I trusted came to me with an amazing opportunity and it felt organic, I would do it.”

She used to date Justin Timberlake. You feel they he got away just in time. Biel once said:

“You have to find a balance, especially with what you eat. I don’t live by the idea that you can’t allow yourself a treat. I say, ‘Eat things you like, but eat them in smaller portions’. I always cut things in half and send them back. I’m not perfect, I don’t always do those things, but that’s the goal.”

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