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OK! sued over photo pretending a ramdon child was Jessica Simpson’s newborn daughter

jessica ok babyIN OK!’s front-page story from April 16, 2012, Jessica Simpson “opens up about her beautiful girl. It’s all illustrated by a picture of Simpson snuggling a baby. No. Not hers. This baby – a boy also Christopher – belongs to Christopher Hurst and Tracy Gregory of Louisiana. And being Americans, they’ve responded in the way their country demands: they’re suing  Simpson, OK! Magazine and Getty Images for using the photo of their child without their permission.

The picture was from way back in 2011, when Simpson was at the Dillard’s outlet in Metairie. While waiting to meet Simpson, the Christopher Senior and his teenage daughter were offered the chance for a private picture of Jessica and their baby son. The man from Getty snapped away.

The Times-Picayune reports on the appeal:

“In the case of Christopher Hurst, OK! magazine paid him nothing, despite clear intention to mislead some or all of the consuming public into believing the photograph on the cover of the subject issue was actually Simpson’s first child.”

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A day with Jessica Simpson’s stomach: what goes in

BY now you’ll be wondering what Jessica Simpson has had for breakfast. One day Jessica Simpson will be like Donna Simpson (no relation), the walking postcode who earns a crust being paid to eat in front of her webcam and then squash people.

But the question remains: is Jessica eating enough to rival 600 pounds of Donna? US magazine has obtained Jessica’ one-day meal planner. Anyone planning to kidnap Jessica, should know that her day is split into seven parts.

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Jessica Simpson introduces Maxwell Drew Johnson – photos

JESSICA Simpson now has a little Maxwell Drew Johnson drinking her sexual napalm and being measured for his first veneers. Simpson tells the world:

“Eric [Johnson] and I are elated to announce the birth of our baby Maxwell Drew Johnson 9 lbs. 13 oz. 21 3/4. We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received. This has been the greatest experience of our lives!”

The next greatest experience of our lives will be seeing baby Maxwell Drew Johnson in showbiz mags as mum bangs on about her miracle birth and looming miracle weight loss.

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The Trouble With Jessica Simpson’s Boobs: Photos Of A Woman Reduced

THE Sun says “sexual napalm” Jessica Simpson is having a breast reduction. The article is entitled:

“DD-Day For Jessica Simpson’s breasts.”

We learn:

A pal said: “She’s never loved having a huge chest.”

Or as Heat magazine quoted her:

“I have amazing boobs. They’re just perfect.”

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Pictures Of Celebrities Who Put On Weight

WHEN Star Magazine gawped at a voluptuous Jessica Simpson from an unflattering angle and screamed “It’s Not A Fat Suit” we realised why Hollywood stars keep in shape. But can you be a victim if you once sold your wonderful body to the slobbering masses to envy and admire? Here’s a gallery of stars who put on weight and were attacked for it. Featuring: Jessica Simpson, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey, Kristie Alley, Alec Baldwin, Britney Spears, Kelly LeBrock, Rosie O’Donell, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Kevin Federline, Steven Segal, John Travolta and Val Kilmer…

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The Sexiest Twitter Pics Ever: Lindsay Lohan, Tila Tequila, Katy Perry, Coco And Moore

THE Sun says that a vote for the Labour Party is vote to end Page 3. Who needs Page 3 when you have Twitter. One-woman content factories like Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lohan and Coco can post their own pictures up and then work out the background story later. We’ve compiled the best self-promoting Twitter pics, featuring the aforesaid ladies, Adrienne Curry, Dora Baird, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Demi Moore and many more stars of the little monitor. Enjoy – NSFW:

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In Pictures: Jessica Simpson’s Sexual Kryptonite

JESSICA Simpson is make-up free on the cover of the American edition of Marie Claire plugging her telly show The Price Of Beauty. Women in no make-up are either naturally lovely; b) lazy; or c) packing a hairstylist, lighting technician and photographer with patience.

In one episode, buxom Simpson has salt water passed through her nostrils in Mumbai. In Hollywood, the custom is to go for a nostril transplant. But in Mumbai the salt water is plentiful, so the locals make do.

And Jessica is a wonder for being sexy without make-up.

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National Enquirer After Brangelina: Jessica Aniston And Jessica Simpson At ‘War’

ne-jenWEEK Two of the post Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit National Enquirer front page and things are looking promising for Jennifer Aniston, who remains in situ.

Angelina Jolie (NSFW)

With Brangelina suing the NoTW, and so putting the US tabloid on a stage of high alert, Jennifer Aniston is on her own.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Touch Up Super Bowl: In 70 Pictures

Well, she’s not alone for long because the NE has a new love triangle war brewing, and the three-points of the news compass are Aniston, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer. This is:


Inside and:


Mayer is said to have upset the women by called Simpson “sexual napalm” and “crack cocaine” (is that good or bad?) and portrayed Aniston as “boring”. Says Mayer of fun Jen:

“I want to dance… I want to get on an airplane and be a ninja… I don’t want to pet dogs in the kitchen.”

A euphemism?

And… Oh, it’s just no good. Without those weekly tales of Brad’s secret love (sources say) to betrayed Aniston, Angelina Jolie’s rage (say pals) and Aniston’s loveliness (says insider), the Enquirer is trying but failing to come up with a story.

READ: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie: Sex Toys, Jennifer Aniston ‘Romps’ In Pictures

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt – A Romance In Pictures

It’s needs a new angle? Who can be the new Ange-Brad-Jen? But why not do as OK! has done and in between news and non-news hire look-alikes to play the main protagonists and get up to all sorts of crazy mischief?

Look out for: “Jen puts Brad’s head in oven as Ange waters poison begonia” – say pals.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Touch Up Super Bowl: In 70 Pictures

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Jessica Simpson Blows Up: The Greatest Celebrity Story Ever

JESSICA Simpson has blown up. Sorry, we meant to say blown off. But that is still huge news in Us Weekly, which delivers the sen-sation that Jessica Simpson is a one woman organ. Question: If Jessica Simpson farts in a wood is it still news? Or is it a new CD? Answers in the musical way, maestro…


Spotter: D-listed

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Debbie Rowe Reaches Out To Skin Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Poo

jessica-simpson11IN Us magazine, Jessica Simpson is looking for her dog Daisy in Uganda, the one stolen by coyotes. She wants to interview the jackals and the wild dogs. What do they know? Is there an international conspiracy? When will Oprah Winfrey call and show Jessica what Daisy would like now and in, say, 18 years time.

(“Oprah, call me. For half a million dollars, I’ll talk. I’ll use up all the old tissues.”)

While she’s in Uganda, Jessica is filming for her reality TV show The Price of Beauty, in which she will show viewers how models are harvested and their coats turned into eyebrow muffs for Ugandan high society.

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Jessica Simpson Appeals For Her Lost Baby On Oprah Winfrey

JESSICA Simpson is a mum, or “mom” as the Americans are wont to have it, which sounds a bit like mong, a playground insult for people with learning difficulties. .

Jessica Simpson is mom to a Moodle called Daisy, a maltese poodle cross.

Jessica Simpson writes:

Still holding on despite the assholes who say it’s a dumb thing to do. Daisy is my baby… why would I stop searching? I’m a mom.

Any more of this and Jessica Simpson will be quoting Kate McCann and demanding an appearance on Oprah Winfrey, where she will dab at her eyes with one of her new range of tissues before timeline images produced by an out-of-work former FBI photoshop expert that show how Daisy would look in the year 2020.

Right now Jessica is out looking for her pooch. She’s probably in Antioch,scraping at the dry earth. That bone. You don’t think..? No. Too early. But might there be a seriel moodle killed at large?

Jessica Simpson – this one’s gonna run and run…


Madeleine McCann: The Story In Pictures

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Spots: London Bus Explodes In Brighton

Anorak Spots: The Paris Hilton guide, a red bus explodes, Ozbama, Jessica Simpson, Beckham better run, Twilight nudes and Jessica Simpson…

In this video a London red bus is taken to Brighton and attacked. This is what happens if you don’t have the correct change. Seconds later the police arrive and shot the felon in the face:

Obama is an Australian – Straight Shooters

AnnaLynne McCord in a brown bikini – Just Jared

Emmy Rossum’s does what’s expected of her – Bastardly

Twilight nudes with Robert Pattinson –  I’m Not Obsessed

Jessica Simpson nose – Yeeeah

Shaquille O’Neal reaches out to David Beckham’s neck on Twitter  – Bitten & Bound

The secret of being Paris Hilton –  The Superficial

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Jessica Simpson Models Her New Signature Lingerie

jessica-simpson6JESSICA Simpson follows up the launch of her signature scent Indian Giver with her signature lingerie. In time she may choose to combine the two enterprises by steeping her knickers in her fragrance and so giving male fans and/or the institutionalised an intoxicating rub of possibility.

Simpson could produce a new set of knickers for every day of the month, featuring such treats as Granola Tuesdays, Egg White Omelette Sundays and the supersized Christmas Blow Out, available in post-lover blue.

All this and more was up for discussion as Simpson sat down with Women’s Wear Daily.

WWD: Do you love lingerie?
Jessica Simpson: Of course I love lingerie. What girl doesn’t? My lingerie reflects the way I’m feeling when I wake up and helps me set the tone for my day.

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Jessica Simpson Caught Napping With Ashlee, In Pictures

key4JESSICA Simpson is seen leaving Katsuya in Hollywood. It’s an eatery in Hollywood.

The joys of spotting a celebrity can not be underestimated. But is it right to gawp at Simpson as she goes out for a private meal with her family and friends?

Well, let’s see what her sister Ashlee (with a double ‘ee’) says on Twitter:

“Woo Saturday fun with my mom [Tina] and [son] Bronx. Aw being home is so nice, let’s all take an afternoon nap.”

Yah, they love it…

The pictures:

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Jessica Simpson Is No Indian Giver

jessica-simpson4JESSCIA Simpson says she will not take back the $100,000 boat she gave her ex-lover Tomy Romo because she’s not an “Indian giver“. UK readers may wonder what an Indian giver is, believing it’s what follows a dodgy Indian take-away.

It turns out that Indian giver is a phrase that can cause outrage, and in the media maelstrom, the voracious clamour of victimhood, being outraged is the natural state of play.

Jessica’s words will soon be known as Giver-Gate or Jessica-Gate. The phrase will be banned by the culture police, and Simpson investigated for a hate crime in a huge war of words that seek to establish the new code.

Pundits will wonder what if anything is going on inside Simpson’s head and tell her to stop thinking it. Hang the context and the meaning. Then hang Simpson.

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Jessica Simpson’s Thought For Easter

HEREUNDER is Jessica Simpson’s Thought For Easter. One thought – but itsi worth remembering:

Why do we let the sun SET with its beauty, then find ourselves ugly.*

Didn’t God, whoever he may be to you, create both? If a sunset is beautiful, then so are we.

Love yourself morning, noon, and night. Sunrise. Sunset.

Xo jess

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Fat Jessica Simpson Melts On Stage

JESSICA Simpson is now so fat – putting the size ten in tennis court – that she is melting beneath the arc lights on stage.

To the Rascal Flatts gig in Grand Rapids Michigan, where Jessica is fighting back tears, mumbling and looking about as comfortable as a fattened goose in a Frenchman’s sauna.

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Jessica Simpson And Beyonce Model The Celebrity Army Uniform

WHEN the celebrity army is fully gathered and ready to wage terrible war, this is what they’ll be wearing:

As modelled by Jessica Simpson (tank division)  Beyonce (Logistics) and Eliza Dushku (infantry)…


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Preacher’s Daughter Jessica Simpson, Like, Gets Religon, Sort Of

SAYS Jessica Simpson:

“I’ve been contemplating taking a college course in religion. I love religion. I remember whenever the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ came out, the Discovery Channel did this three-night piece on it that I TiVoed and then watched eight times.”

Is she that clever to make herself sound so stupid and unthreatening? Discuss.

In the meantime, pray for her…

Image: 14

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