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Jessie J Moves Beyond Her Bisexual Phase Into The Husband Zone


WHEN Jessie J burst onto the pop scene, it briefly felt like we were going to have our own Lady GaGa, making jagged, wonky pop that was wise to the pirate radio station playlists.

However, she quickly turned into Natasha Bedingfield by retaining a lot of fans, but leaving many to shrug with a meh.

Amongst all this, there has been talk of her sexuality. She said she’d dated men and women, so the press said “HEY! YOU’RE BI!” and no-one really had the inclination to correct or refute that. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual, right?

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London 2012 legacy watch: Olympic stadium goes up for sale – advert in full

London 2012 Legacy Watch: The stadium goes up for sale on a board at Hackney Wick station:

PS – Can Jessie J sing an entire song on her own?

Spotter: Tiernan Douieb

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Louis Walsh attacks Will.I.Am over The Voice in world’s most weak-wristed feud

THE VOICE is irritating enough in its ‘We’re Yet Another Not-X-Factor Show!’ stance. Add Jessie J to the mix and its a wonder the whole of Britain hasn’t chucked itself into the sea. Either way, The Voice is here and the BBC have spent enough money on it to ensure that it’ll be around for at least the next three years, which is galling.

One man who isn’t a fan of the show is, unsurprisingly, The X Factor’s Louis Walsh. He’s decided to get his claws out and stop likening people to Lenny Henry for long enough to slag off Will.I.Am. Funny thing about these two is that they clearly have a lot in common, what with them both obviously being massive, raving [SENTENCE INCOMPLETE THANKS TO WATCHING LEGAL TEAMS].

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Did Tinie Tempah turn Jessie J the gay way?

HOW the Tabloids Work – Tinie Tempah has a new fashion range out by Disturbing London at Selfridges in London. Jessie J is on The Voice.

The Sun reprots:

“Jess J and Tinie Tempah’s ‘secret dates’.”  – 7 March, 2012

“Jessie Gay… Jessie is 100% lesbian” – 19 April, 2012

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Nappy Days With Jessie J

QUOTE of the Day: Jessie J, the singer:

“My fashion mantra is usually to wear something you can go to the loo in, I need to remember that.”

Nappy days, readers. Nappy days…

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Bird Of Prey Cloner Jessie J Wishes That The Press Would Stop Making Things Up About Her And Her 60ft Long Chin Made From Bricks

YOU have to be rather impressed with Jessie J’s career thus far. She’s managed to cram and entire pop lifespan into a matter of months, already suffering from a gaping backlash that normally befalls artists who have been around for decades.

She was reasonably well received initially, before turning into an overnight hate-figure simply by existing. You’ve heard her histrionics right? God. Doesn’t it make you want to punch her in the throat (figuratively speaking of course, we don’t condone punching people in the throat here)?

Not that she has a throat.

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