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Enemy Of Free Speech Jim Ardis Executes The ‘Beyond Parody’ Defence

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THE Journal Star has caught up with Jacob Elliott. He was arrested in the war on free speech. The Mayor or Peoria, one Jim Ardis, was very upset at the fake Twitter account, @Peoriamayor. He called the police.

Rather than laugh at Mr Ardis and advise him to respond to the spoof blog with humour and smiles, the police thought he had made a good point. How very dare anyone mock the Mayor. You can mock Jesus, God, Mohammed and even George Clooney, but mocking the Mayor of Peoria is a step too far.

Three judges agreed.

Judge Kirk Schoebein signed off on a warrant seeking subscriber information from Twitter.

Judge Lisa Wilson approved a warrant for Comcast to find out where the person who used the Internet to access Twitter lived

Judge Kim Kelley signed the warrant to search the home of the alleged parodists.

Respect for the man and his office must be preserved.

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Posted: 23rd, April 2014 | In: Politicians, Reviews | Comment