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Reverend George Rekers, Jo-vanni Roman And The Anti-Gay Rights Pipe Organ Enthusiast

WHY it Sucks to be Anti-Gay Activist Rev. George Rekers – the pipe organ enthusiast.

Earlier we brought you news of Rev. George Arkers, the anti-gay rights campaigner and his bag man.

Gay-to-straight conversion specialist George Alan Rekers at Miami airport with travel assistant he booked through (Photo from Miami New Times)

This is not going to be a good day for Rev. Dr. George Alan Rekers.

The anti-gay activist and Baptist minister already had a heads up about the story in today’s edition of the Miami New Times regarding his recent European jaunt with a “travel assistant” he booked by way of, a website known for its collection of always hot, often hung and usually young gay hustlers.

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Posted: 6th, May 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment