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Jaycee Dugard’s Secret Emails, In Pictures

1712614JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Nancy Garrido And Phillip Garrido’s wedding photographs, a bone found, Jaycee’s secret emails and brainwashed by rape…

Sky News: “Jaycee Police Find Bone At House Next Door”

Police investigating the kidnap of Jaycee Lee Dugard have found a bone at the property next door to the home of her alleged abductor.

A skull. Bet it’s a skull… A hooker’s skull…

It was too early to tell whether the piece of bone was animal or human, sheriff’s department spokesman Jimmy Lee said.

Be still, armchair detectives and ghoul spotters…

Former customers of Garrido’s printing business say they are not surprised.

Carla Kirkland told Sky News: “When I drove up and he met me out on the road I thought it was a strange area that has no real communication. I don’t want to say it’s a bad area, I just thought it was the perfect place for what he did.”

Do you see? Sky says lots of sex attackers live in the area, but names none, nor tells viewers how many.

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