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Daily Mail Turns Joanna Yeates Into An Anti-Porn Cause: Vincent Tabak’s Video Nasties

CAN the tabloids turn Joanna Yeates into a cause? The Daily Mail is having a go. Following news that Vincent Tabak, Miss Yeates’ murderer, has watched pornography and not murdered a prostitute in Los Angeles, the paper makes 2 plus 2 equal whatever it wants to. The front-page headline announces:

After revelations that Jo Yeates murder was obsessed with violent images, web firm told: take action or lose millions.

This is the:

Church war on internet sleaze

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How Nice Vincent Tabaks Never Murdered A Prostitute Named Butterfly: Jo Yeates Killer Shocker

WE know that Vincent Tabak murdered Joanna Yeates. And now we can read the Sunday Mirror’s story that he once spent time with a prostitute named Princess Butterfly.

As we’ve already learnt, Tabak viewed porn and likes sex. The Daily Star and Sun are aghast. Hang the fact that the Star’s sister organ to Channel X whereon you can watch a film entitled Bitch In The Boot, and the Sun’s owners operate the country’s biggest pay-per-view porn empire, and just know that viewing skin flicks is a sign of a corrupt mind.

Today the Mirror adds to the story that Tabak might have hired a prostitute.

Graeme Culliford is in Los Angeles, The paper that in its haste to own Joanna Yeates renamed her Joanne in a front-page splash, has news:

Vincent Tabak slid his fingers around the call girl’s throat for a neck massage, she had no idea she was helping him live out his depraved fantasy.

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Joanna Yeates: Was Tabak Hooked On Richard Desmond’s Bitch In The Boot Films And James Murdoch’s Porn?

JOANNA Yeates Murder: So. Vincent Tabak did murder Joanna Yeates. The women the paper dubbed “Jo” and the Daily Mirror renamed “Joanne” was murdered in her Bristol flat by a Dutch engineer.

And now finally after days and days of waiting the tabloids can lead with sensationalist articles about what a complete nutter Tabak is. Not a “strange” one like Chris Jefferies, the innocent man the tabloids libelled in their haste to own the story. But an actual murdering nuter.

Before those headlines, the facts:

Police found Police seized Tabak’s computers. On them they found evidence that he had viewed porn in which women were held by the neck during sex. He also viewed images of women bound in the boot of cars. (He kept and moved Joanna Yeates’ dead body in the boot of his own car.)

Prosecutors believed that the pornographic films showed why Tabak held Miss Yeates by the neck – which led to her death.

In autumn 2010, Tabak checked into a LA hotel under the name Francis Tabak. There is evidence to suggest he then hired an escort. But there is no proof that he did, nor that he had sex with one. The police are planning to question him further.

Now for those headlines:


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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak’s 20 Seconds Of Madness

JOANNA YEATES: Anorak’s look at Vincent Tabak’s murder trial in the news:

The front pages:

Daily Mirror: “HOW I KILLED HER”
Daily Express: “How I killed Joanna Yeates”
Daily Star: “I killed Joanna in 20 seconds”
The Sun: “Tabak’s version of how Jo died”
i: Joanna Yeates was strangled for 20 seconds”

Why is this front-page news in all the tabloids?

Vincent Tabak is at Bristol Crown Court. He says he “didn’t intend death or serious injury“.

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Joanna Yeates Murder Trial: Tabloids Corrupt Facts As Nigel Lickley Persuades Jury

JOANNA Yeates: Anorak’s look at the Vincent Tabak’s trial in the news:

The front page news on the Sun’s Jo” and the Mirror’sJoanne”.

“Tragic Jo’s 43 injuries” – Daily Star
“Jo Fought To Her Last Breath”- Daily Mirror
“Jo’s 43 ‘murder’ injuries”- The Sun
“Killer left Jo Yeates with 43 separate injuries”- Daily Express

A Tall Story:

Ryan Parry sticks to the facts ion the Daily Record:

The petite landscape architect suffered 43 separate injuries in her desperate struggle with her next-door neighbour Vincent Tabak. Tabak, at 6ft 3in almost a foot taller than Joanna, throttled her with his bare hands and her nose was broken.

Petite? Miss Yeates was 5ft 4inches tall and weighed 9st 3lbs

The Daily Mail says Tabak is 6ft 4inc.

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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak Is Damned By Prescriptive Texting

JOANNA YEATES: The trial of Vincent Tabak is underway. He says it was manslaughter. The prosecution says it was murder.

Front pages:



“Tabka strangled Jon and then texted his girlfriend I’M BORED” – The Sun

“Killer went shopping with body in cart boot” – Daily Express

The facts:

The victim was strangled.

Prosecuting counsel says Jo’s death was “uncomfortable and painful”. It was not “instantaneous”.

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News In Photos: Xolile Mngeni, Joanna Yeates, Michael Winner’s Wedding Photo Bomb And…

NEWS In Photos for Septmeber 20 2011:


Picture 1 of 14

Michael Winner and wife Geraldine leave Chelsea Registry Office, London, following their wedding.

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Chris Jefferies Wins: Tabloids’ Reporting Over Joanna Yeates Was Illegal

CHRIS Jefferies – the innocent man given the Full Robert Murat over the death of Joanna Yeates – was monstered in the press.

The press used and abused Joanna Yeates – here’s how.

As a result of that hideous reporting, The Sun and the Daily Mirror have been found guilty of contempt of court. The newspapers’ reporting contained “substantial risks to the course of justice“.

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Law Goes After Sun And Mirror For Their Monstering Of Chris Jefferies: Tabloids Face Contempt Of Court Charges

CHRISTOPHER Jefferies was monstered in the press. Before Vincent Tabak was charged with the murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol, Jefferies was in the news media’s crosshairs. Attorney General Dominic Grieve noticed the odious reporting. He alleges the Sun and Mirror were in “in contempt of court“. He is seeking “order for committal or other appropriate penalty“. The papers deny the charge.

Grieve says the reporting presented “substantial risk of serious prejudice” to any trial Mr Jefferies might have faced.

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How The Press Used And Abused Joanna Yeates

WITH interest we note that at the same time as the Sun is serialising Kate McCann’s book, it is facing contempt of court proceedings over their reports on Chris Jefferies, the man given the Full Murat in the story of Joanna Yeates’s murder.

As the BBC reports:

The High Court has granted the attorney general permission to bring a case against the publishers of the tabloids.

Mr Jefferies is thought to be taking legal action against various news organs that monstered him (the Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star) and also taking legal action against the police, who went against the usual protocol of saying the man was “helping us with our enquiries” and named him as a suspect.

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Vincent Tabak Admits Killing Joanna Yeates

VINCENT Tabak did kill Joanna Yeates in Bristol. He admits manslaughter but denies murder. But the prosecution says he murdered her.

They will get a chance to prove their case in court on October 4.

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Joanna Yeates: Is Chris Jefferies Raising Funds For His Libel Case Against Newspapers?

JOANNA Yeates: Anorak was wrong: Chris Jefferies libel case never reached court before anyone appeared in the dock for the murder of the Bristol women. Vincent Tabak says he’s innocent. Chris Jefferies certainly is.

Chris Jefferies was given the full Robert Murat in the press. The Star, Sun, Mail and Telegraph seemed less than sympathetic to Mr Jefferies.

Jefferies was caught in the media frenzy that saw the voracious press undecided over a basic fact like the victim’s name – was she called Joanna or “Joanne”? – and confusing a verge with a“ditch“.

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Joanna Yeates: The Funeral And The Police Hope for A Breakthrough

JOANNA Yeates’s remains have been buried. Vincent Taback has been charged with her murder. Monstered Chris Jefferies remains on police bail.

(Tory MP Anna Soubry has drafted the Anonymity (Arrested Persons) Bill, which would bar anyone from publishing the name of an arrested person.)

Today Avon and Somerset police released a photo of Joanna Yeates looking at a piece of work she produced for her Post Graduate Diploma show.

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Pregnant Nikitta Grender’s Murder Is A Local Statistic: Amanda Holden’s Baby Is A Tragedy

NIKITTA Grender is the eight months pregnant 19-year-old who was stabbed to death and then burnt in a house fire.

Will the murder of a teenage mum and her unborn baby in a rented flat in Wales feature high on the mainstream news agenda?

No. But there is a story of female “tragedy” on the front pages:

Showbiz stars offer support for “devastated” Amanda after baby tragedy – Daily Express

“Showbiz pals rally for tragic Amanda” – Daily Star

“TV stars comfort Amanda” – Sun

The BBC’s Sian Williams calls it “desperately sad news”.

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Joanna Yeates’s Father Reaches Out To Madeleine McCann’s Parents

JOANNA YEATESVincent Tabak has been in court for a third time. The man accused of murdering Joanna Yeates appeared at Bristol Crown Court via videolink from HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire. Justice moves slowly – his trial date was fixed for October 4.

Elsewhere, police have released Joanna Yeates’s body for burial.

Joanna Yeates’s father, David Yeates, 63, spoke to media:

“We keep reminding ourselves that in some way we are, we are loath to use the word but, ‘lucky’. We really feel for those people who have not been able to bury their children. The McCanns are one set of people like this but there are others as well. Whatever we have experienced, they probably had it a lot worse. We keep reminding ourselves that we are not unique.”

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How Joanna Yeates Became A Daily Mail Parlour Game

JOANNA Yeates’s alleged killer Vincent Tabak is in court. And Chris Jefferies – the man monstered by the media – remains under police bail. He may yet have his day in court.

While we wait for the next instalment, let’s take a moment to look back at the Mail’s handling of the story do far. And it’s all about the question and how one woman’s death can be turned into a form of entertainment you can play along with at home. The question will be printed on cards and each player will deliver their answer in the form of a report. Bonus points will awarded for use of the word “blonde” and creating new questions:

“Is lovely Jo becoming just another thumbnail on the police website” – Liz Jones

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Joanna Yeates: Papers Debate Vincent Tabak’s Uncertain Chin And Paul Vermeij Reacts

JOANNA YEATESVincent Tabak – can the press agree on even the most simple of facts? No. Vincent Tabak’s brief, Paul Cook, will apply for bail at the Crown Court today.

The case is on the front page of the Mirror:


The Sun:

“Parents shun Jo suspect”

And the Star:

“Jo suspect in freedom plea today”

The Sun hears a source supply some speculation in light of news that some DNA from saliva was found on the victim’s breasts:

“The fact that DNA samples have been found on her bare body could well mean whoever murdered Jo tried to sexually assault her before hand.”

But Mr Tabak has not been charged with sexual assault.

Meanwhile, Krissy Storrar was in court for the Mirror. She sees Mr Tabak’s “maroon” top:

Clean-shaven, 6ft 4ins Tabak was flanked by an interpreter, when he was asked by the clerk: “You are Vincent Tabak, is that correct?

Brian Flynn and John Coles were in court for the Sun:

THE man accused of murdering Jo Yeates appeared in court yesterday looking pale and unkempt – and wearing borrowed glasses.

The Express was in court:

Tabak, 32, unshaven and dressed in a bright red knitted jumper and navy trousers, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address during a five-minute hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak Is The Pink Panther Killer?

JOANNA YEATESVincent Tabak – he of the iffy Facebook photos – has been charged with her murder. The press cannot comment on the case. So, it’s time to go for the girlfriend. Tanja Morson, 34. She is the Sun’sUS-born blonde”. Tabak is the Sun’s: “Dubbed ‘Pink Panther’ by pals for his love of Inspector Clouseau.

Reality takes a back seat as the tabloids create personas for the main players. Even the most plain facts get distorted as the verge where Joanna Yeates’s body was found became the Mail’s ditch, a tabloid truth repeated in the Sun.

Chris Jefferies got the Full Robert Murat in a media that painted him as some kind of blue-haired potential paedo serial killer. He’s still on police bail.

Such is the race for news and exclusives that the Mirror and Star have both renamed Joanna Yeates “Joanne” on their front pages. This is what happens when you reduce the victim to status of Our Jo.

And, as is the way with many big cases these days – Madeleine McCann; Shrien Dewani – there is a role for a media handler. The Sun reports:

Yesterday the family hired PR man Paul Vermeij as their spokesman. He said: “The family much sympathises with the relatives of the victim.”

Hiring a PR seems sensible, given the voracious nature of a the media.

The Sun leads with:


She says “I didn’t shop him”.

The Mirror leads with:


You can fill in the blanks between those headlines. And meet The Tabaks:

Dr Cora Tabak, Vincent’s sister:

“His girlfriend Tanja is upset and shocked. The rumours that they have separated are not true. They are still very much together. She’s very concerned for him.”

Marcel Tabak, Vincent’s brother:

“It is nonsense. He has been made a scapegoat. The police have panicked.”

Tanja’s mother, Elisabeth:

“We saw what happened to the landlord and don’t want to see that happen to our lovely Vincent.”

Was he begainc unusually?

An assistant at the small community shop said he was a regular customer, adding: “We used to see him all the time. “He seemed completely fine that evening. He obviously had no idea what was about to happen to him. It was quite a shock when we heard that he had been arrested.”


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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak Is No Robert Murat But He Might Be A Voyeur

JOANNA YEATESVincent Tabak is still helping the police with their enquires. He has not been charged with any crime. But he is front-page news – although this time the media is far more circumspect than in its treatment of Chris Jefferies. But can they amplify the whispers?

Police cannot questions Mr Tabak forever. They have until tonight to continue questioning him.

Meanhwile, the press focus on Mr Tabak’s lover, Tanja Morson.

The Mail leads with news that Mr Tabak had “split with lover”. An unnamed source tell us:

“The last time I saw her [Tanja] was around September. I assumed that they had split up as I hadn’t seen her for so long.”

Assumption is front-page fact?

Another confirmed she had not seen Miss Morson for several months, while a third said: “I’d seen the man but I hadn’t really seen a girlfriend around in the weeks leading up to what happened.”

Can you confirm that you’ve not seen someone you only sometimes see in passing and don’t know?

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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak’s Beanpole Surprise (Photos)

JOANNA Yeates: Vincent Tabak is the man in the news. He’s been arrested. He lives at Flat 2 44 Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol. Joanna Yeates used to live in a property in the same building. She lived at Flat 1. Mr Tabak has lived has the property since 2009.

Police have not named Mr Tabak as a suspect. They did not afford Chris Jefferies the same courtesy. Back then, the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, warned newspaper editors about the dangers of publishing “irrelevant or improper material”. The newspapers went to town on Mr Jefferies, giving him The Full Murat.

Will the press treat Mr Tabak with some respect and news of his apparent arrest with circumspection? His Facebook photo remain a gift to armchair sleuths. But will he be monstered?

The Sun is ever informative:

One colleague at consultant engineers Buro Happold in Bath said: “He is everything you expect from a Dutch bloke.”

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Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak’s Facebook Photo Is A Gift

JOANNA YEATES: Police, reportedly, have arrested 32-year-old Dutchman Vincent Tabak in connection with the murder of Bristol woman Joanna Yeates.

His Facebook photo is a gift. He has a “friend” called Mr Van Loon.

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Joanna Yeates: Sun Clears Chris Jefferies In Jo’s Garden

JOANNA Yeates: One day one from the police’s appeal – via Teresa Yeates (Joanna’s mother) – the papers lead with news of “Jo” and a new development in the hunt for her killer. And the shock news is that Chris Jefferies appears to have been cleared by the Sun – one of the papers that monstrered him.

The Sun (front page): “Jo cops close to breakthrough”
Daily Mirror (front page): “New Jo lead”

Joanna Yeates is the red-tops’ “Jo”, just as Madeleine McCann became our Maddie. She now only has a first name, like a Hollywood great or a family pet.

But there is no news of what the breakthrough is. This is just news that there might be a breakthrough.

Police believe her body was carried from her flat in a large suitcase or holdall. And they are scouring CCTV footage for motorists carrying a big bag in their car…The suitcase theory arose due to a lack of drag marks on Jo’s body or clothing.

What about a rug? What about the killer carrying her?

Joanna Yeates: Chris Jefferies Is More Robert Murat Than Serial Killer

The speculation continues:

But because there are 25 strides between her door and the road, they are convinced a case or large holdall was used to conceal the movement.

In one paragraph what the police believe becomes the police being convinced. What else?

A police insider said: “It would be strange if someone was able to move a body without being spotted. But someone carrying a bag or pulling a suitcase on wheels would not have stood out. It was the weekend before Christmas so a lot of people were going away for the holiday.”

Someone carrying a bag containing a 8st-10st woman would not have stood out, even in bad lighting? (Liz Jones looks as though she weighs less.) And we do know it is one killer the police are hunting because in that press conference appeal, Mrs Yeates spoke of looking for “someone”.

Nine stones is 126 pounds. That’s 57.2kgs. Ryan Air, for examples, allows its passengers to check in bags weighing 15kg or 20kg. Are they heavy? Yes. Now picture the woman or man pulling the bag that weighs almost 60kgs along a busy street and not standing out.

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Joanna Yeates: The Crimewatch Journey

JOANNA YEATES is on the front pages: The reward money, the mystic, the witch hunt and Liz Jones have not been enough – will the media catch the killer?

The Sun (front page): “JO DIDN’T GET TO EAT HER PIZZA”

Do we know the pizza was for her?

Police have confirmed that whoever it was for, Joanna yeates did not eat the pizza she bought in Tesco’s on her way home. No trace of the pizza has been found.

Daily Telegraph (front page): “Joanna Yeates – Crimewatch plots her final journey”

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Joanna Yeates: Desperate Police Use Family To Flush Out Killer

JOANNA YEATES: The police are using the media to add momentum. The police want the suspect to react, to do something out of the ordinary. The police are looking for a man who knew Joanna Yeates.

The Sun and Mirror both feature Joanna Yeates’s family on their front pages:

The Sun (front page): “End Our Agony – Help fund killer who knew our girl

There’s a photos of Joanna Yeates’s mum, dad, boyfriend and brother.

The Mirror (front page): “CATCH HIM BEFORE HE KILLS AGAIN

This time, just mum and dad are pictured.

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Joanna Yeates: The White Company Button, Liz Jones And Nathan Tomlinson

JOANNA YEATES: For the first time this year the murdered Bristol woman does not feature on the front page of the Daily Mirror. Colin Firth, Katie Price and Wayne Rooney take the cover.

But there is still some news. Laurie Hanna notes that the events as best known are to be filmed for the BBC’s Crimewatch.

As fact got that’s about as good as it gets because Hanna then delivers:

Yesterday top criminal profiler Professor David Canter suggested the killer may be a police officer. Prof Canter, whose crime-busting skills inspired TV’s Cracker, said: “It implies they’ve got some sort of experience with the investigative process.”

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