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Joanna Yeates Murder: Chris Jefferies, 10,000 Reasons And A Strange Couple

JOANNA YEATES: What Chris Jefferies saw – and what the news reported.

The Sun (front page): “MYSTERY PAIR AT JOE FLAT”

“Landlord saw them with victim”

The landlord is Chris Jefferies.

Neighbours of Jo, 25, yesterday said their landlord saw her leaving home with two strangers just minutes after she returned from drinks with workmates.

Sky News’s Martin Brunt tells us:

“It would appear to be a key bit of evidence. The landlord of the flat Ms Yeates shared with her boyfriend said he was parking his car outside the building, where he also lives. He told police he saw three people leaving her flat and one of them may have been Joanna Yeates.”

Again we see a photo of Chris Jefferies.

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