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Joanna Yeates: Sun Clears Chris Jefferies In Jo’s Garden

JOANNA Yeates: One day one from the police’s appeal – via Teresa Yeates (Joanna’s mother) – the papers lead with news of “Jo” and a new development in the hunt for her killer. And the shock news is that Chris Jefferies appears to have been cleared by the Sun – one of the papers that monstrered him.

The Sun (front page): “Jo cops close to breakthrough”
Daily Mirror (front page): “New Jo lead”

Joanna Yeates is the red-tops’ “Jo”, just as Madeleine McCann became our Maddie. She now only has a first name, like a Hollywood great or a family pet.

But there is no news of what the breakthrough is. This is just news that there might be a breakthrough.

Police believe her body was carried from her flat in a large suitcase or holdall. And they are scouring CCTV footage for motorists carrying a big bag in their car…The suitcase theory arose due to a lack of drag marks on Jo’s body or clothing.

What about a rug? What about the killer carrying her?

Joanna Yeates: Chris Jefferies Is More Robert Murat Than Serial Killer

The speculation continues:

But because there are 25 strides between her door and the road, they are convinced a case or large holdall was used to conceal the movement.

In one paragraph what the police believe becomes the police being convinced. What else?

A police insider said: “It would be strange if someone was able to move a body without being spotted. But someone carrying a bag or pulling a suitcase on wheels would not have stood out. It was the weekend before Christmas so a lot of people were going away for the holiday.”

Someone carrying a bag containing a 8st-10st woman would not have stood out, even in bad lighting? (Liz Jones looks as though she weighs less.) And we do know it is one killer the police are hunting because in that press conference appeal, Mrs Yeates spoke of looking for “someone”.

Nine stones is 126 pounds. That’s 57.2kgs. Ryan Air, for examples, allows its passengers to check in bags weighing 15kg or 20kg. Are they heavy? Yes. Now picture the woman or man pulling the bag that weighs almost 60kgs along a busy street and not standing out.

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