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Jodie Kidd And Prince Harry’s Polo Kiss Off: Photos

IN our quest for Alternative Olympic Sports, we went to see two polo matches in two days.

First we went to the MINT Polo in the Park. The “park” is not as egalitarian as it seems, referring not to Dollis Hill’s Gladstone Park nor Liverpool’s Princes Park but to the snooty Hurlingham Park. The highlight was spotting people in the crowd (we didn’t see many), and seeing Jodie Kidd and her boyfriend, Argentinian polo player Andrea Vianini, share a kiss.

The difference in their heights – he is a few hands shorter than her – made us wonder if Andrea (girl’s name) gets into the mood by riding Jodie about their lounge while wielding a largish ladle.

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Fur-Fancier Jodie Kidd And Leather-Clad Kimberly Wyatt Join Campaign Against Animal Testing

THE press release tells us that Jodie Kidd and Pussycat Doll / You Can Dance judge Kimberly Wyatt support the BUAV camping to end animal testing
for beauty products.

This would be the same Kimberly Wyatt who seems to have worn a fur coat (see photo) and most definitely wears leather.

And Jodie Kidd is also on board. Kidd joins the protest to protect animals from the ravages of women trying to look good:

“I think designers have to be free to create what they want to create. Fur has always been around, whether the designer has chosen to just put it on some collars and cuffs or to put it right in your face in a full outfit. I’ve always been really open about what I’ll wear when I’m working. I’m just doing my job. Us models don’t have any creative impact on what we wear anyway, so we can’t really afford to take a moral stance on anything.”

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In Pictures: Gumball Rally 3000 Hits New York: Faisal Shahzad Gutted

THE Gumball 3000 rally rolled into New York, having jetted into from Stockholm. We saw the carnival of wealth leave London (pictures). Then it reached Vermont, having driven around the world by, er, plane. Xzibit squeezed his eyes into a slat and gave the race two points. Jodie Kidd showed that you don’t have to very rich to have brilliant car, but it might help you fill it up. Julie and Maximillian Cooper looked the part. Jenny and Vincent Ferraiuolo got married at the end of the rally. And Faisal Shahzad wonders why he didn’t wait a few days and trade in his SUV for something with a bit more bang for your buck….


Picture 1 of 17

Jodie Kidd is seen with her car that took part in the Gumball 3000 rally are seen at the finishing point in Time Square in New York.

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Jodie Kidd Evokes Memories Of Empire With Twenty20 World Polo Series Polo

JODIE Kidd and her brother Jack Kidd unveiled the latest developments in the new Twenty20 World Polo Series Polo in the park at London’s Hurlingham Club. And in the process posed for a photo that Old Mr Anorak, our patron, said rekindled thoughts of the halcyon days of British Empire. All good intentions on the Kidds’ part, we are certain. But that picture is the kind of dreadful photo-op the Tories are so good at. Polo for everyone! Huwwah!! Now when I reach the count of 20, start running… Tally ho-ho-ho…

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Strychnine Come Dancing: Jessie Wallace Declares War


With Big Brother at an end, the Daily Star mans the news wires and looks elsewhere for news.

And it finds the sensation that Jessie Wallace, the former EastEnder starring as a trainer dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, has called model Jodie Kidd a “horse” and actress Cherie Lunghi a “snob”.

And when Jessie Wallace explodes, you’d best duck lest a sequin take an eye out. This is “war”.

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