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Jody McIntyre Is Not Andy From Little Britain – He’s An Aggressive Victim Of Police Brutality

THE police used excessive force when they roughed up disabled Jody McIntyre at the student protest on December 9 2010. He was pulled from his wheelchair by police.

Anorak readers last saw McIntrye calling for an Arab Spring in the UK. We see him again on the receiving end of violence.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) says the Metropolitan police should apologise to McIntyre. The Met had orignally said they had nothing to apologise for. But whatever happens, no-one will be charged with any crime. You see, the six-month legal deadline has expired. The IPCC says the apologising copper is subject to “management action“.

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London Riots: Independent Drops Jody McIntyre For His Tweets

JODY McIntrye is no longer blogging for the Independent. Why? Well, it may have something to do with his tweets on the London riots.

You may recall Jody from his time as a peacenik who rolled in the direction of police at the student fees demo.

His tweets:




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Richard Littlejohn Wants Jody McIntyre To Get Up And Walk

IF Jody McIntyre needed a voiceover to accompany the video of him being dragged from a wheelchair twice by the boys in black and blue, he now has the words of Richard Littlejohn, the tabloid world’s C-grade answer to Gene Hunt (the question being: who thinks the social improvements of the past 30 years have been a disappointment?).

1970s Man tells us that “if he’s looking for sympathy, he’s come to the wrong place”.

It is unlikely McIntyre, a cerebral palsy sufferer, is looking for sympathy from Littlejohn. It is unlikely he even considered the views of the Mail’s monocular man before he went to the demo and was accosted by the police. When McIntyre went on the BBC to talk with Ben Brown, he didn’t appear to be seeking sympathy, preferring to state his case and put his argument against a rise in student fees. But columnists are vain. And having inserted himself into the story, Littlejohn continues:

A man in a wheelchair is as entitled to demonstrate as anyone else. But he should have kept a safe distance.

Mcintyre [sic] put himself on offer and his brother pushed him into the front line. It’s not as if he didn’t know there was going to be trouble.

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