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John Barnes says racism in football is a thought cime

JOHN Barnes wants to talk about racism in football to Daily Mail readers. Racism in football is so rare that a man in the crowd making a monkey noise can be arrested, and a player racially abusing an opponent leads to a ban that occupies the national news (see Liverpool’s Luis Suarez). Even the accusation of racial abuse can lead to a court case and a relatively successful England manager quitting before a big tournament (as with Chelsea’s John Terry).

Says Barnes:

When Stuart Pearce selects his England team to face Holland on Wednesday, it will reflect modern society.

Indeed, football reflects society. It does not, as David Cameron would have use believe, feature the white working leases leading society into race riots if the elite do not inflict control.

There will be a number of black players starting the game for their country, maybe six or seven, but so what? To me it no longer carries any significance.

So. Why mention it, then? Why count the number of black players? Do football fans notice the black faces anymore? Hasn’t hard work and the players’ skill smashed the colour bar?

I will not turn on the television and start counting the number of black faces in the team – we have moved beyond that to investigate deeper issues.

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Posted: 28th, February 2012 | In: Sports | Comment