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Jah Wobble: when kids from pokey council flats all over London made music



Jah Wobble  is talking to the Guardian. Wobble was John Wardle until a drunken Sid Vicious slurred it:

When my mate John Lydon told me he was joining a band called the Sex Pistols, he might as well have said he was becoming a 747 pilot, because working-class kids like us just didn’t do that. It wasn’t like music now, where well-off kids have three years and a flat in Notting Hill to make a go of it. If you asked for that where I was from, they’d have had you sectioned, but suddenly there were kids from pokey council flats all over London coming together with energy, intelligence and humour. Punk was closer to the Marx Brothers than the situationists, but a window opened. I was already thinking about music, so it was fantastic timing….

I borrowed Sid Vicious’s Fender. He’d say, “You’re shit” and I’d go, “You can’t fucking play. Give it to me …” But the first of my own was a Musicman copy. I was living in a squat and had burned the furniture to keep warm. The others were furious and rightly so – so after a big fight, they just left me there with this bass and no amplifier, propping it against the headboard to get a sound. The first bass line I wrote [heard on the song Public Image] went top 10. Commercially, it’s been a steady decline ever since (chuckles)…

I made a radio documentary called In Search of Sid Vicious about that. [Author] Jon Savage very generously gave me access to his recordings of Sid’s mum – a heroin addict – going, “I fucking told him, ‘I don’t care where you go. Sling yer hook. Fuck off. Sleep on a park bench for all I care.” This when Sid was 15 years of age. So a very damaged boy. When Sid told a shrink that he wanted to kill himself, the shrink told him to bring a friend along to get him interested in life, and that was me. I said, “To be honest, I don’t know if he has got anything worth living for. Suicide is a viable option.” The shrink was horrified – we ran out of there pissing ourselves laughing. But, of course, many a true word said in jest. He was thinking of topping himself.

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In 1978 Sex Pistol John Lydon told the BBC he’d like to murder Jimmy Savile (audio)

john lydon jimmy savile

IN October 1978, when Jimmy Savile was in his paedo pomp, seducing kids on the BBC with the vow that Jim’ll Fix It and spinning the discs on Radio 1, Johnny Rotten wanted to murder him.  In this clip, John Lydon talks about killing the protected Savile.

The interview features on Public Image’s album Religion Attack. This part about Savile never did make the Beeb’s final cut for broadcast:

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Doug Stanhope’s interview as John Lydon (audio)

WHEN Doug Stanhope got a early morning call, he didn’t answer. Then he checked his voicemail. The message went:

“Hey John it’s Mike Ragogna from KRUU & HuffPost – we have a phone interview scheduled if you can please call the studio line – it’ll be real easy, just a few questions about the new release and PiL.”

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When John Lydon appeared on Judge Judy

BEFORE eating kangaroo anus on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, chewing off politicos on Question Time and smacking his cops at butter, John Lyndon appeared on Judge Judy. It was October 1997 when Lydon appeared before the TV Beak known in her lounge as Judy Sheindlin. Robert Williams was suing the former Sex Pistol and Public Image Ltd frontman for breach of contract and assault and battery.

Virgin Records produced a press release in defence of their act:

Williams filed criminal battery charges against Lydon. The charges were immediately dismissed when police investigators determined that Williams’ case was completely unfounded. A subsequent civil suit was filed by Williams in small claims court claiming damages of $5,000 in lost wages and “civil battery.”

Upon learning of the ongoing dispute between Lydon and Williams, the staff of “Judge Judy” recently approached Lydon’s representatives and offered to adjudicate. When Gardner called Lydon to inform him of Judge Judy’s offer, Lydon accepted immediately, exclaiming, “I love this country!”

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