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John McCain Talks Utter Bollocks On Libya: Nation Listens

WITH Barack Obama looking confused on Libya, it is left to John McCain to explain to the rest of the world just how rubbish it would have been had he beaten The One and become American President:

“I believe that with sufficient and efficient, sufficient and efficient use of airpower, we can bring Gadhafi to his knees. ”

“It’s ideal terrain and situation for doing so.  Have no doubt, though, that he and his forces are adapting to this situation by hiding in houses and doing various things that prevent the airpower from being so effective.  But I’ll tell you, when you’re flying around at 25,000 feet, it’s pretty hide – it’s pretty easy to hide from them.

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Is John McCain Wooing The Gay Porno Vote With His iPhone?

IS John McCain wooing the Gay Porno Vote? For those of you unfamiliar with “Guys with iPhones”, it’s a website that caters to the exhibitionist in men with an iphone and easy access to a mirror.

Anorak’s Man in LA would venture a guess that most of the men who contribute to the site are of the homosexual persuasion.

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William Ayers Would Have Lost Obama the Black Gay Vote

BARACK Obama Watch: IN the Montreal Gazette, Barack Obama’s old mucker “former student radical William Ayers tells what it was like to be painted as a symbol of evil by McCain and Palin”.

Says he:

The good news was that every time McCain or Palin mentioned my name, they lost a point or two in the polls. The cartoon invented to hurt Obama was now poking holes in the rapidly sinking McCain-Palin ship.

Every time Palin and McCain mentioned William Ayers they lost a couple of points. So, in a way, William Ayers won the election, what with him being the big issue.

Good job big media investigated the relationship between Obama and Ayres thoroughly. Remember all that 60s idealism, Bill? Can you remember? Hey, does anyone?

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McCain Was Punked By Palin

McCAIN’S call to Sarah Palin was just a joke:

Now that the election is over, bits and pieces of campaign secrets are starting to see the light of day. The most shocking of these so far: Governor Sarah Palin was not supposed to be Senator John McCain’s choice for running mate.

“The Palin phenomenon is actually the result of a practical joke gone haywire,” admitted Rick Davis, former McCain campaign manager. “John was a guest on the Morning Madness radio show on Phoenix’s KZZP, hosted by Fireball Frantic and Gene the Bean. When Frantic asked McCain which political figure was the least qualified to be his running mate, McCain mentioned an obscure governor from who was an ex-beauty queen. Frantic insisted McCain prove he was still young enough to be ‘with it’ and insisted he make that call to Alaska.”

“It was just a joke,” McCain recalls, “but she was so sincere and so excited, I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was just kidding. The hardest thing about it,” admits McCain, “was having to tell my real selection — Senator Joe Lieberman — that he was, well, not a chosen person when it came to being the veep.”


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Dance Off

Spotter: Michael K.

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Hitler Comes Out In Support Of McCain, Obama Supporters React With Marker Pens

DON’T bet against John McCain winning, not if Adolf Hitler’s got anything to do with it.

A US President needs two things: a death cult and a fan to mock him up as Adolf Hitler

McCain has a death cult. Sarah Palin has a death cult. Even her children have a death cult. And Obama, well, he has not so much death cult as a base. Joe Biden has no death cult, and given his absence from the debate, he shows few signs of life let alone death.

So the McCain-Palin ticket is ahead. And now we learn that McCain is Hitler.

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Sinister E-Voting Machine Failure

THEY are queuing to vote. The queue goes on for hours. Why:

Tuesday could be a long day for election officials in states relying on electronic-voting machines to record votes in the U.S. presidential election, if early reports of malfunctions are any indication.

Problems with e-voting machines were reported early on Election Day in several U.S. states, including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, which are identified as battleground states where the outcome of the vote could tip the presidential race in favor of either Democratic Sen. Barack Obama or Republican Sen. John McCain.

According to voter reports on the ground and from watchdog organizations, there were problems with getting e-voting machines up and running in these key states and others, and in some cases the machines would crash during the voting process and had to be rebooted.

And still they queue…

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Austrian-Born Body-Builders For McCain

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger is hard not to like:

“I think the polls are looking very good for McCain. You know there is a 50% in the latest polls, 50-50, I mean that’s in our own house. And then there are very good poll numbers coming out – I mean that’s 100% of the vote, McCain – that’s amongst Austrian-born body-builders! So there’s all kinds of great action going on, so I feel very optimistic!”

After this, there’s no coming back…


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Kenya Declares Obama The Winner

IN Kenya Barack Obama has already won the job of US President.

In Kisumu, Obama scored 342 votes to McCain’s 46.

The Obama supporters, most of them young men and women, burst into song and dance moments after Mr Lawrence Oyange, who was in charge of the exercise, announced results at Oile market at around 11.20am.


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Less Than O: Obama Rides In Lewis Hamilton’s Black Smoke Screen

ROUND the big tarmaced ‘O’, Lewis Hamilton goes. Round the ‘O’. Round the ‘O’. Round and round and round and round and round the ‘O’.

And as he goes round the ‘O’, Lewis Hamilton starts to hanker for an O-range. He wonders how Oldham Athletic are getting along? And then a Sun hack asks him: McCain or Obama?

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Obama Supporters Should Be Gracious In Defeat

BILL Kristol gives you some reasons why Obama supporters should be gracious in defeat:

1. It would be a victory for an underdog….

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War Hungry Fantatics Target Obama And McCain

IS the Sun a right-wring bigot when it come to John McCain and Barack Obama?

If by any electoral fluke the title goes to Republican Senator John McCain, we could see something like civil war in America” – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

“The twisted leader of the Klu Klux Klan has warned of ‘race war’ if Barack Obama wins the bid for the White House” – The Sun writes not of Trevor Kavanagh, but of Thomas Bobb, a “fantatic”.

In other Sun news: “David Cameron today declares war on the BBC’s fat cats…”

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More John McCain Ageism

JOHN McCain Halloween special…

Misogyny. Racism. Ageism. The US election has got the lot…

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Germany Wants A Boris Becker Moment With Obama

A SURVEY by German cable network Premiere Star: ‘Which of the following US politicians would you have an affair with?’:

The results:

This breaks down as:

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Vote McCain For Better Plumbing

AS Anorak’s Man in New York puts it:

As if hiring Palin wasn’t bad enough, now John McCain is threatening to give Joe the Plumber a job in Washington.

If he charges by the hour, the Treasury will be royally humped…

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John McCain’s Signature Hand Gesture

BARACK Obama isn’t the only one with a signature hand gesture

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It’s 3am And Kenya’s Obama Has Cursed McCain And Palin

DEAR friends,

Dark forces at at play in the Race for the White House. We bring not race into the mix, but the occult. It is come to our attntiosn that Sarah Palin and John McCain have placed witches curses on Barack Obama.

Those horns… No, dear reader, not a moose’s – but Palin’s own. But wait – those horns are false. It is Obama who is the Devil incarnate…

Now read on…


Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about Barack Obama’s family in Kenya that he is calling a special prayer meeting in his home to pray against the witchcraft curses attempted by them against John McCain and Sarah Palin.

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Hayden Panettiere Makes Sense Of Obama’s Economic Policy

STILL undecided about McCain or Obama? Phil Spector isn’t. If Phil isn’t enough to get you on side, here comes Hollywood blonde Hayden Panttierre to help make your mind up.

“I don’t know if anyone would complain about under-taxing to be completely honest,” Panettiere told “Personally, I’d rather have higher taxes and help other people who need those tax breaks more.”

As he says:

You know how Obama told that plumber dude he wanted to “spread the wealth around”? And then everybody went after the plumber dude for some reason, but then they were like, “Hey, wait a minute, back up.

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White Nazis, Supremacists And Bigots For Obama

WHITE supermacists for Barack Obama. And not because he makes such a good dancing partner:

In an informal Esquire survey, three out of four white supremacists prefer Obama, while McCain is the clear favorite among black nationalists. (Sure, our methodology suffered from an extraordinarily low sample size–limited to four white supremacists and one black nationalist–but just because it wouldn’t fly with Gallup doesn’t mean there ain’t a kernel of truth in there.)

Step forward Tom Metzger – Who: Director, White Aryan Resistance

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You Can Vote However You Like

IN case you forgot…

Enough! Enough! Vote already…

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When I’ll Stop Calling Sarah Palin A Bitch, By Margaret And Helen

TWO old women, Margaret and Helen, write from the US:

I am surprised that some of you are up in arms about my calling Sarah Palin a bitch, or John McCain an ass or even George Bush a jackass.   I read your comments about how I should be more respectable and not call Sarah Palin a bitch.

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The BBC Shafts McCain

BIASED BBC looks at bias on Question Time USA:

Moving on from Brand and Ross, it’s time to get the crystal balls out and predict who will be the mystery guest on tomorrow’s Question Time. At the moment it’s looking dangerously balanced: Elizabeth Edwards, a senior adviser on health care to the Barack Obama campaign; Simon (America has to choose: Obama or certain doom) Schama; Clarence Page (another Democrat); and Cheri Jacobus, a Republican political consultant and strategist based in Washington D.C. So only three to one against the Republicans at the moment! So who will be the fifth? And you can’t have Michael Moore – I’m taking him. A pat on the back and a ‘jolly well done’ to anyone who gets it right.

Any BBC employee…


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Is This The Place For Early Democratic Voting?

A picture of John McCain at the door, yet:

Got that? Well, I guess the three well dressed, middle-aged ladies who came in mid-afternoon didn’t. They asked in ~ ALL SINCERITY

~ if “this was the place for early Democratic voting?



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Anne Applebaum Abandons McCain

Anne Applebaum joins the rats…

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John MaCain Was Born In Milwaukee

JOHN MaCain Was Born In Milwaukee. Fact.

It’s as much of a fact as the other fact that John McCain says he would hate to live in Milwaukee.

Here‘s the Washington Post article in which McCain turned his back on his home town. He’s at a Diamondbacks-Padres game with the journalist Mark Leibovich:

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