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BBC invites Brian Eno to praise pop paedo John Peel OBE



BBC Radio DJ used to have sex with underage kids. He remains a ‘national treasure’:



You can listen to the John Peel lectures on the BBC:


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.06.31


John Peel has not been dug up and beaten with sticks. Yet. He remains intact as John Peel OBE.

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Watch John Peel Get Almost Decapitated On Noel Edmonds’ The Late Late Breakfast Show

BBC Radio DJs Noel Edmonds and John Peel feature in this 10 September 1983 clip from The Late, Late Breakfast Show. Edmonds is vying for control of the Beeb, so we can expect lots more of this kind of telly is he gets his hands on it.


noel edmonds stunt


Key moments to look out for:

0 mins 32 s:  John Peel almost has his head taken off.

0 mins 48 seconds: Noel’s “reassuring assurance”

Audience laughter.

1 min – 52 seconds – the Star Wars music keeps playing

2 mins 20s – next week: racing airplanes



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1970s Pop Stars And DJs Outraged By James Arthur’s Teenage Sex Shame



IN “MY TEN SEX SHAME”, X Factor winner James Arthur wings the last drops from fame’s flannel by confessing to the Sun about his “TEEN SEX SHAME”. James, 25, had consensual legal sex, with 17-year-old Ellie Shepherdson.

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Jimmy Savile: John Peel might have shagged Bella Thorne

FIRST they came for the convicted paedophiles. Next they came for a man who made a living dressing up as Hitler and falling over. Gary Glitter has been arrested in connection with the police investigation of Jimmy Savile. Now Freddie Starr has been pinched.

Both arrests are rooted in the testimony of Karin Ward, who alleged in an ITV documentary that Savile sexually abused her. She was 14. She alleges that Starr tried to grope her. Karin Ward also said that she saw Gary Glitter having sex with an underage girl in Jimmy Savile’s BBC dressing room.

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Find out what links Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile and John Peel

GARY Glitter has been arrested. Paul Gadd, for it is he, the paedo pop pariah, has been arrested by police investigating Jimmy Savile.

Gadd, 68, has, of course, already done time for sexual offences against children. Back in 2006, he was arrested in Vietnam in 2006 for child sex offences.

The copper from Operation Yewtree tells one and all:

“The man, from London, was arrested at approximately 0715 on suspicion of sexual offences. The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed ‘Savile and others’.”

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Name the BBC staff who let Jimmy Savile attack children and hired rebel ‘paedo’ John Peel

FOLLOWING the Jimmy Savile is a peado news, the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, will give the £3.7m in its coffers to “support charities that work with survivors of sexual abuse”. DJ Paul Gambaccini claimed Savile was allowed to get away with raping and sexually abusing underage girls because the Fixer threatened the ill and needy. Savile reasoned that if he were exposed the charities he worked for would suffer. So, The BBC and the newspapers kept quiet. You know, to help the kiddies.

Hands up anyone who wants the tabloids restricted and journalists licensed by the State? Lord Leveson..?

So far over 40 people have claimed they were attacked by Savile. Savile’s nephew, Guy Marsden, recalls his experiences when aged 13. He was taken to parties:

“I never saw Jimmy Savile sexually abuse any of the children, but as far as I am concerned he was part of a paedophile ring at those parties.”

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John Peel: The Space salutes the tastes of a man in cut-off denim shorts

JOHN Peel, the deceased BBC Radio 1 DJ, had a massive collection of 25,000 vinyl records. The John Peel Centre, in Stowmarket, has created The Space, a project that aims to recreate Peel’s studio and archive. The centre is releasing the names of those deemed good enough to have made it into the collection 100 at a time.

The idea is that Peel had great taste and will bring new music to the masses – songs like Mike Absalom’s Save The Last Gherkin For Me (1968).

If you like John Peel, you will look at the collection. If you don’t like John Peel or know who he was, you may need more persuading to follow the tastes of man who sported a beard and cut off denim shorts…

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