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John Prescott is a Clint Eastwood look alike

In the Times news that Hollywood politician and actor Clint Eastwood looks a lot like John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister:


clint eastwood john prescott


Clint Eastwood, of course, only pretended the punch people in films. Prescott, however…


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John Prescott on ISIS: a blunt tool hacking the West

Anti-phone hacking firebrand John Prescott uses his column in the phone hacking Daily Mirror to explain how ISIS can be defeated and the West remain intact.

Former deputy prime minister John, who backed the Iraq War, tells us:

Like 9/11 and 7/7, it will represent a moment when a country, its government and people realise an uncomfortable truth. That we can never truly be safe from terror .

Because we can never, hand-on-heart, say we can protect the public.

Who we?

Whether in the Twin Towers of New York, the London Underground or even on the beaches of Tunisia, fundamental extremists will always find a way.

Right enough. But what to do when they do strike?

And while governments promise swift justice and retribution there is very little we can do.

Oh? What about bombs and guns?

There will be politicians who will use the deaths in Paris, just as they did after 9/11, to push an agenda of greater military intervention in the Middle East.

The Middle East is, in Prescott’s eyes, a unified mass. It is is not made up of different people with their own fights and dreams. It is THE Middle East, a definitive bloc. He makes no mention of the Kurds, a peoples used and dropped who are fighting ISIS and Turkey for their own state, the Coptic Christians, the Druze, the Jews, the Bedouin, Karim, and on and on.

The road to revenge didn’t stop with the Taliban in Afghanistan . It added new destinations – Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya and then Assad in Syria.

Revenge? Does Preccott mean the moment when Al Qaeda murdered thousands of people in New York in an act of war? It can be noted that the “revenge” has resulted in no further attacks on the US soil.

One thing I’ve learnt is that this western intervention never helps, it only makes matters worse. So much worse.

No to Western intervention, then. Leave them to it, those Middle Easterners.

Our interventions, however noble of intent they may appear, only pour petrol on the fires of Middle East unrest.

That a pun, John, about the oil game?

So how do you crackdown on the terrorists in Paris? This will have been planned weeks if not months ago. How do you argue to close borders when the very extremists already carry French passports?

Prescott then answers his own questions:

To my mind, there are three things we can do. The first is to push for a regional solution in Syria.

But Western intervention doesn’t work. You said that, John.

That means the international community working with Syria ’s neighbours. A lasting agreement will only be reached by building consensus.

So the West should get involved with foreign countries, telling them what to do and so forth. What if thee foreigners say the West should butt out and get stuffed?

That takes me to my second point. From Afghanistan, to Iraq and Libya, Britain and the US stoked the unrest that allowed ISIS to emerge and thrive.

Stoked the unrest? Prescott is blaming the West for ISIS.

So we must stop all military involvement. Sending a drone to kill Mohammed ‘Jihadi John’ Emwazi may appeal to our baser instincts of vengeance. But it will be seen in the Middle East as a state-sponsored execution.

There he goes with that Middle East thing, again.

Britain and the US as judge, jury and executioner. Just like ISIS .

And there it is – the problem in a nutshell. Prescott symbolises the lack of moral conviction. He says we can’t be right because we have been wrong. Prescott sees shame and doubt. Whereas once the West was the Enlightened force for good, Prescott sees us as corrupted, even when faced with nihilists.

We hear echoes of Barack Obama, who said:

“Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ… [And] slavery and Jim Crow all too often [were] justified in the name of Christ.”

When you’re that weak, little wonder you enemy is emboldened.

Here’s Prescott:

As the parents of Jim Foley said: “It is a very small solace to learn that Jihadi John may have been killed by the US Government. His death does not bring Jim back.”

Or as Journalist Steven Sotloff’s mother Shirley, whose son was Emwazi’s second victim, told NBC News: “If they got him great. But it doesn’t bring my son back.”

Stuart Henning, Alan Henning’s nephew, said he wanted Emwazi to suffer “the way Alan and his friends did”.

David Haines’ daughter, Bethany, told ITV News: “I think all the families will feel closure and relief once there’s a bullet between his eyes.”

Prescott continues:

So we must stop these drone attacks and take no further active military role in either Iraq or Syria. Let other regional players like Iran take the lead on this.

Iran? True enough, Iran-backed Shia militias are fighting ISIS. But Iran also arms Hezbollah. Iran is a dictatorship.

The final thing we can do is show Britain is committed to finding a lasting peace in all of the Middle East.

All I vant is a little piece!

We cannot let the running sore of ill-feeling and bad blood between Israel and the Palestinian territories continue.

How do you stop that, then, John?

Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve to live together peacefully. That means putting pressure on both governments to strike that deal.

How do you pressure them to get the result you, a Westerner wants, John?

The best tribute to those who died in Paris is not to send troops and drones to “eviscerate” ISIS and Syria. It is to channel that anger-fuelled energy to sue for a lasting peaceful solution across that region. Let the lasting memorial to those who died on Friday 13th be that they truly rest in peace.

In Prescott world you look good and noble by letting other do the fighting. If beating an enemy who represents everything your culture rejects is not worth fighting for, what is?


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Daily Mirror Hacked Phones: John Prescott Still Takes Their Cash For Columns

AND lo it came to pass: Trinity Mirror has admitted that some of its staff were involved in ilegal phone hacking.

The righteous Daily Mirror – the self-styled “intelligent tabloid” – will compensate Shane Richie, Shobna Gulati, Lucy Benjamin and Alan Yentob for listening into their private phone calls.

The company publishes titles including the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.

And you know who writes for the tusty Mirror? Yep, it’s mullet-thumping, secretary-shagging, love-cheat John Prescott, champion of the surveillance-happy Government that watched us via ubiquitous CCTV, thought ID cards a good idea and brought about the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Prezza hates sooping.



Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 16.22.33



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John Prescott Cheers His Role In ‘7/11’ And The Asian Tsunami While Applying Double Standards To David Cameron

JOHN Prescott is a ubiquitous presence on the telly. Recently the walking Spitting Image puppet was talking about how terrible it as that David Cameron was on holiday in Italy when the riots broke out. He was recently talking to Mariella Frostrup on the BBC’s morning sofa:

LORD PRESCOTT: “It’s unbelievable. Look, when every August for ten years … People think August is a quiet time. It isn’t. I had the tsunami, I had the Omagh bombing, I had terrorist attacks – the 7/11. All those occurred on my watch, right, and you have to deal with them.”

That would be a tsunami in Indonesia and 7/11, a melange of atrocities that John can recall in just two number.

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John Prescott Declares Gore On China

the-joy-of-sectsJOHN Prescott is not appering on Strictly Come Dancing. What John Prescott is doing is lecturing the Chinese on global warming.

Global warming is the Celebity Squares of world diplomacy.

Richard North looks on, aghast:

John Prescott has landed his most bizarre job yet – as professor of climate change at a Chinese university. Prezza (pictured) has confounded his critics with his new role at Xiamen University on the south east coast of the country where he will give occasional lectures on global warming.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Phone Voicemail Exclusive

paltrow-news-of-the-worldTHE allegation is that the News of the World hacks did – get this – hack into the phone voicemails of famous persons in an attempt to glean information. The celebrities are said to include:

John Prescott, Boris Johnson, Nigella Lawson, Elle MacPherson, Maz Clifford and Gwyneth Platrow.

Anorak cannot but help feel a pang of pity for the hapless hacks who, it is alleged, cocked an ear of the aforesaid. If you’re not listening to Prescott order his Chinese sweet and sour pork balls and crunch crisps, you’re tuning into Clifford opining how he could have tuned Michael Jackson into a big star had he only called, and picking up noises emanating from Planet Paltrow.

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News Of The World Journalists Accused In Phone Tapping Probe

phone-tappingNEWS Group, the media giant owned by Rupert Murdoch, is reported to have stumped up £1m in court costs after its journalists at the News of The World were accused of involvement in phone tapping to get stories, writes the Guardian.

The Guardian claims News Group paid £700,000 in damages and costs to Gordon Taylor, the chief of the Professional Footballers Union.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers has paid out more than £1m to settle legal cases that threatened to reveal evidence of his journalists’ repeated involvement in the use of criminal methods to get stories.

A spokesman for News International says in ambiguous language:

“This particular case means nothing to anyone here, and I’ve talked to all the people who would be involved.”

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Bid For Peter Viggers’ Duck House Second Home

duck-houseTORY MP for Gosport Sir Peter Viggers, 71, is selling his duck house for charity. Mr Viggers will from now on put his guests up in a caravan or ‘otel.

This is the duck house he paid for, after a request for us to pay for it failed -Vickers claimed £1,645 on expenses for the5 ft Stockholm duck house. Now you can own it.

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Rosie Winterton Soundproof’s Prescott’s Biscuit Tin

rosie_prescottROSIE Winterton MP, the pensions minister, claimed £4,690 for “soundproofing of bedroom wall and redecoration to bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, staircase” – a claim reduced to £3,800 by the fees office, reports the Telegraph.

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Talking Dirty Makes You Impotent

talking-dirty-makes-you-impotentGENNADY Cheurin of the Russian town of Yekaterinburg, research manager of the Center of Ecological Safety, says talking dirty leads to impotence.

Says he:

“Men were allowed to use these words only 16 days a year. Afterwards, it was strictly prohibited to use them. So whenever men use these sacred words for no reason in their daily life, this immediately leads to sexual dysfunctions, i.e. impotence. If a woman uses these words in her daily speech, she slowly begins transforming into a man.”

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John Prescott Fist Bumps Iain Dale

JOHN Prescott has started blogging in the run up to the UK general election.

And quite entertaining it is too. His latest post takes up Tory blogger Iain Dale for suggesting that Prezza doesn’t write his own posts.

Appealing to a blogger’s vanity works. Dale notes the reply – and recognition – and offers:

As I say, respect to JP.

Watch out for the fist bump…

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John Prescott’s Chinese Give Away, With Ring Tone

HAVING cleared his desk of biscuit wrappers and secretaries, John Prescott trots along to his Hull Chinese restaurant du jour, the Chu China Palace, “the largest Chinese restaurant in the UK”.

And that’s just the menu. As Prezza once said, this is “my favourite restaurant in the whole world”, dedicating his memoirs to it, including between pages 34 and 39 a full menu with take away details and recommendations.

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