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Mansfield Town owner gives manager second-hand cars as win bonus: Carolyn Radford approves

JOHN Radford owns Mansfield FC. He’s given his Aston Martin to the club’s manager, Paul Cox. It’s reward for Mansfield tonking Barrow 8-1 last Saturday in the Conference Premier League. Last March, Mansfield beat Barrow 7-0. Radford had asked his team to improve on that.

He tells BBC Radio Five Live:

“It’s worth a bob or two. It’s my old Aston Martin so it’s not brand new. It’s a couple of years old. You have these things and you’ve got to give people targets and things like that, so he fancied the car and I thought I’m about ready for a change and he did the job.”

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Posted: 10th, February 2013 | In: Sports | Comment