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The Taxes Are Too Damn High|: John Redmond’s Laffer In

NO, not just the ritual complaint that the State is taking away the hard earned pelf of the capitalist classes. Actually, it’s a complaint that the State isn’t taking away enough of said cash wrung from the bitter tears of the workers’ starving children. They’re doing this by having a tax rate that’s too damn high.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I looked at the detail of the Treasury and OBR’s own forecasts following the Budget. There quite clearly shown, is a fall of £500 million or 15% in CGT receipts next year compared with this. It takes more than a year for the full effects of a new CGT rate to come in, given the lags in selling the assets, reporting the gains and then paying the tax. So the official forecasters themselves accept that 28% is not an optimum rate . They reckon the higher rate will cost the Treasury £500 million of lost revenue in the first full year.

It has to be said that John Redwood does have an argument there. We’ve got a higher tax rate and we’re getting less tax revenue from having that higher tax rate.

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Posted: 3rd, August 2011 | In: Money | Comment