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Hell toupee: Donald Trump lambasts John Stewart for revealing his birth name F*uckface Von Clownstick

donald trump fuckstick

DONALD Trump = tweets:

“I promise you that I’m much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz – I mean Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow.”

“Who, by the way, is totally overrated.”

Has the Trump outed a clever Jew?

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Boris Johnson takes the Coke-free Mike Bloomberg marijuana challenge

JOHN Stewart asked Boris Johnson to expland on mayor Bloomberg’s attack on fizzy drinks. Would Boris place greater penalties on an ounce of marijuana or a large Coca Cola?

London Mayor Johnson has said:

I honestly don’t yet know if the New York mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is right to be banning big cups of sugary drinks. I have no idea whether Coca-Cola has a case when it claims there is absolutely no connection between children guzzling sugary drinks and children getting fat. What I can say with confidence is that we in the West have a fatness problem…


If we could reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, and release some children from the captivity of fatness, might that not be worth exploring?

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Escalator Attacks At John Stewart And Stephen Colbert Rally: Video

THE escalator at Washington’s L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station is attacking protesters attending the John Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rally To Restore Sanity on Oct. 30th 2010.

A camera recorded the images as the escalator helped people on their way.

(No camels were hurt filming this skit.)

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The Best Muslim Signs From The Stewart Colbert Rally For Placards

AT the Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington DC, people waved placards. Some of them were unfunny / amusing / self-effacing / plain awful – some of them were waved by Muslims. The greater placard waving community embraces all comers. Here’s a gallery of the better Muslim ones. Spotter: AltMuslim:

The Best Signs From The Jon Stewart Colbert Restore Fear Rally: The Wit And The Witless

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Billy Bob Thornton Presents The Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever

ANORAK brings you the Most AWakwards celebroty interviews ever.

In 1963, the Irish writer Desmond Leslie – enraged by a nasty review of his wife’s latest play – was able to infiltrate the audience of David Frost’s studio discussion show, march up to offending reviewer Bernard Levin and land a superb left hook on his nose in front of 11 million viewers.

“Just a minute Mr Levin, this will only take a minute,” Leslie had said with impeccable politeness before unleashing a blow described by The Times as “the most public punch since Sonny Liston took the heavyweight title from Floyd Patterson”.

Billy Bob said he was upset because Ghomeshi referred to his acting career in the introduction to the interview. He said he’d told the producer to focus on the band and not mention his acting.

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Tony Blair On The Daily Show

TONY BLair today starts his teaching career at Yale University, Euan Blair’s old haunt, , leading a seminar group on “faith and globalisation”.

Blair is participating in the “Faith and Globalization Initiative,” a three-year collaboration among Yale’s Divinity School, School of Management and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Says John Stewart, on whose Daily Show tony is appearing to plug his product:

“Faith and globalization: Which side is winning?”


“Bits of religion are very extreme, and the other you can see in the work that faith groups do to alleviate poverty and disease and do great things in the world,” Blair said. “So the question is, in the 21st century, which predominates: the good part that brings them together, or the bad part that pulls them apart?”

Or the bombs that allow God to sort it all out..?

Stewart: “Your relationship with George Bush seems .. inexplicable.”

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