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John Terry Racism Row: Chelsea’s Andre Villas-Boas And Arsenal’s Wenger Are Badly Wrong

JOHN Terry Racism Saga: Did Chelsea captain John Terry racially abuse QPR’s Anton Ferdinand? We do not know. Terry says his words have been taken out of context and misunderstood. But the allegation is enough to sully Terry’s name:

The Mail leads with news that Sky has handed “unseen footage” to the FA.

The word “unseen” suggests that there is something worth seeing. But we don’t know if there is. All we know is that Sky has delivered footage from its 20 cameras to the FA to view.

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manger, sheds few a words on the matter:

“It came to me, how much credit can you give to something that is said on the pitch in a passionate situation? How deep do you read into it? If you have played football, you have said something to your friends; sometimes that they are an idiot – but you do not really think he’s an idiot. And that’s what I mean, in a passionate situation inside the game doesn’t mean that you can say anything. But you are not always politically correct on the pitch.”

Wenger is wrong. This is not about political correctness. This about racial abuse. The words “black c**t” are not taken lightly, but backed by 400 years of racial abuse against blacks. If political correctness means it unacceptable to racilly abuse a man in public, then we’re all for it.

“The debate is: Do you want every player to be followed by a camera? And analyse completely what he said after the game? That’s what we should do?”

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