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Revealed: the animals who died for Donald Trump and John Travolta’s hair

celebrity hair beasts trump

THE excellent 14 has a news series called Celebrity Hait Beasts. It’s about the hair. It’s always about the hair. Donald Trump and John Travolta get skewered:

john travolta


Buy her work here.

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How Spanky Taylor helped John Travolta get on Welcome Back, Kotter

JOHN Travolta appears in a section of Lawrence Wright’s book on Scientology:

Before Tom Cruise, John Travolta was the biggest celebrity Scientologist, joining during the mid-’70s when he was on the cusp of fame. The Church assigned Sylvia “Spanky” Taylor, a young, vivacious Sea Org member, as his liaison…

Travolta began taking the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course at the Celebrity Centre with about 150 other students. He confided to the teacher, Sandy Kent, that he was about to audition for a television show, Welcome Back, Kotter. Kent instructed everyone to point in the direction of ABC Studios and telepathically communicate the instruction: “We want John Travolta for the part.” At the next meeting, Travolta revealed he had gotten the role of Vinnie Barbarino — the part that would soon make him famous. “My career immediately took off,” Travolta boasted in a Church publication. “Scientology put me in the big time.

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John Travolta and Olivia New Ton John says I Think You Might Like It (video)

JOHN Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the one-time screen couple (Grease)  say I Think You Might Like It.

This is what Happened to Sandy and Danny after their car took off into the skies. Danny’s jacket wore thin on the elbows, forcing him to patch it up with his head. Olivia opted for rubber*.

* Faces are inter-changeable.

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John Travolta goes half cocked at Salma Hayek’s cleavage: Savages photo call

WHO cares what kind of a film Savages proves to be. The London photo call will be a hard act to follow. Salma Hayek supplied the beverages; Oliver Stone nearly fell into her cleavage; and John Travolta put on his Play People hair, cocked an arm on his hip and wondered what all the fuss was about…


Picture 1 of 9

Salma Hayek and Oliver Stone attending a photocall for new film Savages at the Mandarin Hotel, London.


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Even more claims appear about John Travolta!

ONE imagines that there are now people in newsrooms that work 9-5 trying to keep track of all the developments concerning John Travolta. It appears there’s a country’s worth of people queueing up to talk about his genitals, his penchant for foisting his arousal on people and general claims of his homosexuality.

Just imagine if Travolta came out and spoiled it for everyone by saying ‘Fine! FINE! Me and my wife have an open relationship and I’m bisexual! SOZ!‘ Still, that wouldn’t clear up the whole alleged sexual assaults.

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Travolta gay claims crop up again, this time, with added libel

GAY or not, John Travolta is being put through the media mangle at the moment while everyone speculates about his sexuality. All we need now is an invite from Oprah for Travolta to have a little cry and tell us how hard it all is, and we’re done.

Previous stories around this have featured large chefs flipping burgers, masseurs rejecting Travolta’s sexual advances, powerful Jews and helicopter pilots. It’s ticked many boxes. And now, the latest addition, is some libel! Robert Randolph, who wrote a book about his alleged gay encounters with John Travolta has filed a libel lawsuit against the actor and his attorney.

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Travolta had gay relationship with pilot? Doug Gotterba alleges

CAN we make a ‘look who’s talking now?’ joke concerning the myriad of men who have claimed to have had some kind of sexual encounter with John Travolta? Doesn’t matter now. We’ve already done it.

Either way, Travolta is the subject of many claims at the moment and now, there’s someone saying that the Saturday Night Fever actor spent most of the ’80s riding a pilot’s joystick, Doug Gotterba.

Travolta’s secretary at the time spoke about her old boss’s sex life. She said:

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Secure John Travolta cradles Barbara Streisand’s Face

HOW’S John Travolta dealing with those allegations that he’s a predatory gay man? Why, by  creating a Mother’s Day video for his wife Kelly Preston, who pointed us towards the film when she said: “My husband, Johnny, made his directorial debut creating a special Mother’s Day video for me. I was so moved and love it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.”

The film features photos of the Travolta family set to the strains of Barbara Streisand’s That Face.

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The US Samantha Brick?


LOOKS like the US has got its very own Samantha Brick.

Lauren Odes, 29, is suing the New York City lingerie company where she used to work. The buxom peroxide blonde claims she was fired for being ‘”too hot”.

According to Odes, her bosses at Native Intimates – which is owned by Orthodox Jews – told her to wear baggy clothes, made her cover herself in an unbecoming bathrobe and suggested she tape down her breasts.

Odes, a New Jersey-native, made the claims at a press conference on Monday, flanked by her celebrity attorney, Gloria Allred.  “She was simply fired for being attractive and for not conforming to the religious strictures imposed by top management”, Ms Allred said.

Allred is known as a feminist lawyer and describes herself as a “fearless advocate for justice and equality”. Her clients have included a transgender beauty queen, a former reporter for the Houston Chronicle and a woman who accused former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain of sexual harassment.

In a strange twist, Allred was sued this week by Okorie Okorocha , the lawyer who filed a sexual battery lawsuit against John Travolta on behalf of two male massage therapists and then dismissed it. Allred then took up their case and Okorocha is accusing her of poaching his clients.

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Gym employee joins long queue of people touched by Travolta

HEY! John Travolta! Everyone kinda assumed you were gay, or at least bi, so don’t worry about your career! However, there’s a small matter of taking people’s sex without exactly asking for it. Don’t worry though! Roman Polanski still earns a decent living!

What’s that? Oh yes, there’s YET ANOTHER man accusing you of sexual misconduct. This time, it’s a gym employee who has accused the Pulp Fiction star of groping him against his will. Marty Singer, Travolta’s rep, says: “As a result of the published lies about my client we expect some ‘John Does’ to come out of the woodwork and assert false claims.”

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Uh-oh! More developments with John Travolta and the reverse massagers!

MASSAGE is always a word that has raised the eyebrows of the eternally mucky minded, but since John Travolta got accused of all-manner of stuff, the world has been introduced to the notion of a ‘reverse massage’, which sounds like the filthiest thing ever.

Anyway, one of the massage therapists who accused John Travolta of sexually assaulting him at the Beverly Hills Hotel has hired super high-profile attorney Gloria Allred to represent him. This is interesting because this comes just one day after he withdrew from a lawsuit filed by another lawyer. Thought Travolta was off-the-hook? Seems not.

“We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take,” Allred said. Of course, the original suit is still pending, but now, it involves just one male therapist who says he got groped up.

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More masseuses to accuse Travolta of indecent proposals

JOHN TRAVOLTA has invariably had a rough 24 hours after being accused of molesting some poor masseuse in one of the most hilariously worded legal complaints in history. The length of his wang, the state of his pubes and a man cooking burgers were all accounted for in the accusation.

And now, more masseurs are coming forward with tales of randy run-ins with Travolta and may well join a federal lawsuit in California.

The lawyer dealing with the case – Okorie Okorocha – says a number of masseurs are now apparently suing the star for sexual assault, and he said: “I’m getting tons of calls. If we weren’t dealing with statute of limitations, I’d say about 25 (potential plaintiffs) have contacted me. He’s done it everywhere, and the laws are very different in different states.”

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John Travolta sued for allegedly trying to fiddle with the wang of a masseuse! (photos)

YOU’VE heard the rumours about John Travolta right? The rumours are so loud that these days, they pretty much drown out the day job. One author has been very vocal about Travolta’s supposed secret sexual liaisons, noting how much the Pulp Fiction actor liked to please Middle Easterners with large weaponry.

Alas, these are mere rumours and we don’t want any lawyers coming after us. Just thought we’d clear that up. Anyway, in unrelated news, John Travolta is being sued for $2 million by an unidentified masseur after the Saturday Night Fever actor allegedly made inappropriate sexual advances towards him during a massage. ‘Inappropriate advances’ it would seem, means touching a penis uninvited.

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John Travolta’s Hair Sings Jason Donovan Hits To Lull New Baby Benjamin

JOHN Travolta showcases his new baby Benjamin on the cover of Hello! – and then upstages him with his hair.

Travolta has opted for curtains, the hair-do of 1980s popstars and footballers. If you tussle his hair you can hear the strain of Jason Donovan singing Especially For You.

Kelly Preston (mum) “sailed through her pregnancy with the help of a Scientology course”. She then had a “beautiful quiet birth based on L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy.”

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Pictures Of Celebrities Who Put On Weight

WHEN Star Magazine gawped at a voluptuous Jessica Simpson from an unflattering angle and screamed “It’s Not A Fat Suit” we realised why Hollywood stars keep in shape. But can you be a victim if you once sold your wonderful body to the slobbering masses to envy and admire? Here’s a gallery of stars who put on weight and were attacked for it. Featuring: Jessica Simpson, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey, Kristie Alley, Alec Baldwin, Britney Spears, Kelly LeBrock, Rosie O’Donell, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Kevin Federline, Steven Segal, John Travolta and Val Kilmer…

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Linsday Lohan And Mischa Barton’s Death Battle

img005FOR the first time in weeks, the National Enquirer leads with no picture of Angelina Jolie. And she should not be downhearted because the cover is dominated by the headline: “WHO’LL DIE FIRST?

Readers are invited to pick from Mischa Barton, Kirstie Alley, Lindsay Lohan, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Tori Spelling, The Hoff, Pamela Anderson and Simon Cowell.

With no dead star for a while, the NE is inviting readers to help it decide which obits to have ready by pressing F1 to F9 on the keyboard.

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Save Perez: Perez Hilton Is Scientology’s ‘Latest Victim’

scientologyCELEBRITY blogger gone native Perez Hilton (and family) is introducing his readers to the wonders of Scientology.

Anorak’s Man in the ratsnest tells us:

“Notice the text on pink background below, sandwiched between badly written blog stories?

“That’s not just an informational blurb about the Church of Scientology – it’s space bought & paid for by the church. And who’s the recipient of those Scientology dollars? Perez Hilton.”

Nothing wrong with anything about that. You can support what you like on your own blog. But Perez Hilton seems a little confused about what his views on Scientology are. He likes their money – unless he’s posting the ads for free? – but doesn’t seem to much like them:

On the matter of John Travolta’s son Jett’s death:

This must have been a very difficult day for the star, but we wonder if there will be any backlash from the Scientology community, where discussion of developmental disorders is a big no-no.

The weird Katie Holmes:

Look at Tom’s intense gaze! Well, the couple that jogs together…loves Xenu together?

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Swine Flu: The Man Boobs Pandemic

pig-boobs“SWINE Flu Now Confirmed Across British Isles,” screams Sky News.

And with that the UK turns a vivid orange colour on the big Swine Flu Map. When the map turns red it mean you’re all f***ed. So stay tuned.

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The Most Bizarre And Worst Celebrity Dolls Ever Made

BARBIE is 50 this year and Anorak brings you the 50 Things You Never Knew About Barbie. But Barbie is not the only celebrity doll. There have been others. And Anorak brings you the strangest, least-deserving, most bizarre and downright odd celebrity dolls ever – enjoy:

Karl Lagerfeld, Angelina Jolie, Ann Coulter, Bill Clinton, Bindi Irwin, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Caylee Anthony, Charles Dickens, Diane Ross, Donald Trump, Drew Carey, Albert Einstein, Elton John,George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Hugh Hefner, Jennifer Lopez (NSFW), Jerry Springer, Jesus, John Travolta, Kelly Osbourne, Laura Bush, Lemme,Lindsay Lohan, Nirvana, The One, OJ, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton,Princess Diana, Rosie O’Donnell (Barbie!), Sarah Palin (schoolgirl), Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo, Seth Godin, Snoop Dogg, Suzanne Somers (with thighs!), Sonny, Steve Irwin, Timberlake and Jackson, Tom Cruise, Tori Spelling, Vanilla Ice, Victoria Silvstedt, William Shakepeare action figure, Winston Churchill.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Credit Crunch Survival Tips.

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Live Blogging The Jett Travolta Death Scene

BIG news in the Enquirer on the John Travolta Jett Travolta Travolta death story:


The Enquire has “minute by minute details”, standing over the body and making notes as the youth dies.

The Enquirer is a venerable magazine but why can it not embrace web 2.0 and live blog the death scene:

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Jett Crashes Scientology: Making Mileage From John Travolta’s Loss

JOHN Travolta’s son Jett Travolta is dead, and the Daily Mirror announces in a bold headline:


He might well have had them right before he died in a Bahamas hotel. And Anorak readers may wonder if you can have a seizure once you are dead?

Of course, this story is not about Jett Travolta, who was famous in life for being named as an aeroplane. The story is one of celebrity. And the Mirror ends its piece on the death of a teenager is never knew with:

“Stars who have comforted Travolta and his wife with messages and phone calls include fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise.”

And in the Sun:

“Oprah Winfrey was due to arrive in the Bahamas…to comfort the couple. Tom Cruise, a fellow Scientologist… plans to visit the family.”

Tom Cruise… Scientology… A link? The Gawker website speculates:

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John Travolta’s Son Jett Dies

JETT Travolta, the 16-year-old son of American actor John Travolta has died in the Bahamas.

The actor’s lawyer, Michael Ossi, says Jett Travolta, who was 16, suffered a seizure, and attempts to revive him at the scene failed.


Imagine the tabloid headlines…

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John Travolta Feels Paris Burn With Love

TO a housing estate in Paris where a flammable John Travolta is clutching his head and departing stage right as the jeunesse dorée are cooking cars a la mode.

The Mail picks up the scent of Renault fricassee and tells of rioting youths who “torched ten of the production’s cars and threatened crew”.

Oh, the name of the film? From Paris With Love.

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