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Crisis Averted: Justin Bieber Loses No Followers

EVEN though Justin Bieber has been in a fair amount of trouble lately, this week, his ears will be going hot with embarrassment after a video was published which showed him telling a racist joke.

Bieber says: “Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” The punchline is both racist and not very funny. To save us from laboriously spelling it out and explaining it in text, you can see the joke here.



Professional ambulance chasers, TMZ, are the people responsible for the video and, apparently, have had it for a while. You see, Bieber was 15 years old when he told the joke. TMZ decided not to share it with the world because of his age and because he “immediately told his friends what he did was stupid.”

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Posted: 2nd, June 2014 | In: Music | Comment

Bus driver pranks kids in ace video!

bus driver prank

HAIL to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver… and so the song goes. Special hails should go to the driver who pranked the kids on his bus.

Students of a school were told by the driver that school had been cancelled for the day, and the children fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Captured on video, Bus Driver Man announces to his bus filled with snotty pupils that they will be dropped off at home once they check in at the school.

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West Bromwich Albion player Liam Ridgewell chided for wiping his bum with a wad of cash (photo)

THERE are people out there who are really quite stupid. They’ll argue that footballers are overpaid, while still promoting ‘proper’ things like fine art and movies, despite the fact that there are actors and painters who are paid equally obscene amounts of money for doing even less work.

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Jimmy Carr Takes Shots At Down Syndrome Sufferers

COMEDIANS love tackling taboo subjects. Many stand-ups see their job as mirth maker, coupled with freedom of speech activists. In the case of the latter, many use their freedom to say what they like to make audiences squirm with hard truths or contentious topics..

However, there are those who just do it to shock, for shocking’s sake, picking on the soft target who can’t fight back. And so, we’ll let you decide what angle M5 death gag teller Jimmy Carr took when he decided to have a pop at Down Syndrome sufferers. (Just like fearless Sun columnist Frankie Boyle’s funnies aimed at the handicapped, and other people less likely to fight back. He’s no Bernard Manning.)

While performing in Warrington, the 8 Out Of 10 Cats host threw this at the audience:

“Why are they called the Sunshine Variety coaches when all the kids on them look the f**king same?”

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