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Vanessa George: Suicide, Jokes And Spreading The Fear

fat-paedo1VANESSA George Watch: The media gets to know the nursery school paedophile – Facebook, suicide and sick jokes…


That’s it! She can abuse children, but to make a joke of it is plain wrong.

The sick chat took place on a webpage where someone posted a message claiming he had been “fiddled” with as a kid. George replied “lol”, which stands for Laugh Out Loud. And she added: “I think he needs closure – or another fiddle!”

Not much of a joke. If you want jokes, you might enjoy these, some of which were published in the national press and told on stage before a paying crowd.

Bristol Evening News: “Steve Scott: Child abuse nursery worker was devil disguised”

The devil disguised with a smile and a nursery worker’s uniform. There but for the grace of God goes every single parent reading this who has used a nursery.

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