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Jon Venables Dates Young Mum And Turns To Tom Cruise And Islam

THE good news is that Jon Venables,. One of James Bulger’s killers, is dating. He’s won’t need to embark on “seedy sex holidays across Europe” became as the Sun’s front page scream:


Venables, long a tabloid favourite, is doing his utmost to press all the right buttons. Having killed a two-year-old when he was ten, Venables has had his name linked with: paedophilia (he’s in jail for possessing child porn), drugs, football, Big Brother, Oasis, the World Cup, a fictional TV show, upskirt porn and, most unforgivably, being fat. Now he with a woman, and not just any woman but a “SINGLE MUM”.

And what are single mums but pariahs?

Tom wells tells us that: Venables is “said to have had a one-night stand with the mum when he was free.”

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