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Jon Venables’ Play Pen Nicked From Screws

FIRST there was the beasting of James Bulger’s joint child killer Jon Venables.

Now comes the desperate search for illustration of a weak yarn.

The Sun today screams of “pampering” and “luxury” as hard done to prison officers are told to give up a staff-room to the recalled from life-licence murderer of two-year-old James Bulger.

James Bulger Case in pictures

There is horror as The Sun says the man (now in jail under the new name given to him as a life-long anonymity order) had a 36″ screen television and proceeds to shows us an (alleged) flat screen telly.

(Ever willing to join in the madness, Anorak today gives you a tv similar to the tv illustrated by The Sun.)

Keeping the story simmering on the back burner is a fine tabloid art but once again the sources are quoted and the implication is that 27-year-old Venables continues to irritate.

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