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Jay Rayner, Jonathan Jones And The Guardian’s Odd Attitude To Its Readers

WHERE do news organs stand on being nice to their readers? Observer food critic Jay Rayner, seen extempore eating on BBC cooking show Master Chef, wrote about a filler about slow eating.

Of all the things in this desperately pitiful world that drive me nuts – the letters page of the Daily Mail, small yappy dogs that always smell of stagnant pond, Newbury – the one that really gets on my increasingly substantial tits is this: people who eat slowly. God, but they infuriate me

An 80-year-old PopBitch readers was unimpressed:

On Wednesday, 16 November 2011, Blunter Edge  wrote:

Dear Mr Rayner…

There are any number of reasons why people eat slowly: poor digestion; lack of teeth; gum trouble; apart from any number of ghastly malfunctions. Embarrassment at being the last to finish means that you might find yourself eating smaller and smaller helpings aware that lusty lads like your former self are mindlessly congratulating themselves on being sooo vibrant, young and healthy.

Still I suppose as a magazine journo, a food magazine journo, you’ve got to write crap about something. Have you thought of using your talents to write about something worthwhile?
I hope I may have been of help.

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